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  • Travel Pack Feminine Wipes

    Travel Soft Pack Feminine Hygiene Wet Wipes

    Skincare Feminine Hygiene Wipes It is professional feminine hygiene wipes for women. Natural ingredient, Alcohol free and Eco-friendly feminine wet wipes.

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  •  Travel Pack Feminine Hygiene Wipes for Women

    Travel Pack Feminine Hygiene Wipes

    Skincare Feminine Hygiene Wipes It is professional feminine hygiene wipes for women. Natural ingredient, Alcohol free and Eco-friendly feminine wet wipes.

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  • Soft pack Feminine Wipes

    Soft Pack Natural Feminine Hygiene Flushable Wipes

    Skincare clean use rinse free Feminine Hygiene Wipes It is good bath wet towelette that designed for the skin care of patient on bed, old people, badly injury people who can't take a bath directly. Easy to clean on the skin, No irritation and allergy for skin care cleaning. No Rinse Feminine Hygiene Wipes

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  • Eco-friendly 100% Cotton single wet wipes

    100% Cotton Single Packed Wet Wipes

    This wet wipe is made 100% cotton fabric material.    Better absorbency and soft touch to cleaning on the skin.   It is biodegradable and eco-friendly cotton wet wipes.

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  • KFC Restaurant catering Moist wipes

    KFC Restaurant Moist Towelette

    We Ecoeon technology provide private label service for this KFC restaurant hygiene moist towelette.   It is a good refresh cleaning wet towelette to solve the hand and face skin cleaning.  It is a good healthy care wet wiper.

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  • Multi Use Cleaning Wet Tissue

    Multi Use Wet Tissue

    Multi Use Wet Tissue is moistened by the alcohol solution. The IPA alcohol wipes could be used for household, office cleaning and disinfecting job. Kill 99.9% bacteria and virus on the cleaned surface. It is a real multi use alcohol wipes.

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  • Multi Surface Cleansing Disinfecting Wipes

    Multi Surface Disinfecting Cleansing Wipes

    This is a multi-surface cleaning disinfecting wet wipes. Quickly dry and fast efficient to kill germs, bacteria, remove the grease, dust, particles. It is a nice disinfection wet wiper for household, office, kitchen, car, clinic and hospital use.

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  • Medical Alcohol Prep Wipes

    100 Rubbing Alcohol Wipes

    100 Isopropanol Rubbing Alcohol Wipes It is a external use Isopropanol rubbing alcohol wet wipes. For the Skincare and disinfectant. The Isopropanol alcohol swabs provide broad spectrum antimicrobial properties killing 99.9% of common bacteria in 15 seconds to sanitize hands without requiring water.

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  • Singe pack Lens cleaning wipes

    Lens Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Individually wrapped Lens cleaning wet wipes The Lens wet wipe which is very great to clean all kinds of Lens The Lens cleaning wet wipe could kill 99.9% the Staphylococcus aureus Escherichia coli and other bad bacteria and virus.   The wet wipe is very soft and no harm to the lens.   It is Anti fogging and anti-fingerprint wet wipe. Recommended to use the Camera Lens, the DV Lens, DVD/CD cleaning,Video camera lens, projector lens, Industrial Camera or aerial camera , e.t.c

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  • Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes

    Black Cloth Cleansing Charcoal Facial Wipes

    Black Cloth Cleansing Charcoal Facial Wipes A new cleansing charcoal black fabric facial wet wipes.    The black charcoal cloth make this facial wet wipes much different from regular white wet wipes. The black wipes have better cleansing effect and stronger powerful detergency ability.  It provide you new and nice facial cleaning and refreshing experience.  Ecoeon Technology Co., Ltd is a  manufacturer of wet wipe which provide you professional private label service.

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  • office equipment cleaning wet wipe

    Office Cleaning Wet Cleaner

    Offering you fast cleaning for the office equipment. This Office Cleaning Wet Cleaner is a disinfecting and alcohol wet wiper towel. Fast dry, Leave no trace or strip.

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  • Alcohol Free Disinfecting Wet Wipes

    Disinfection Wet Wipes

    It a good antibacterial moist medical wipes. Kill germs and disinfection on the skin or surface. Decreases bacteria on skin, the active ingredient of this wet wipes disinfection is 0.1% benzalkonium chloride.

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