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Bamboo Wipes

Bamboo Wipes
  • 100% Biodegradable Bamboo BABY WIPES

    Bamboo Wipes

    It is bamboo baby wipes.  Natural biodegradable skin care moist wipes for baby. Cleaning, Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic is the feature of the bamboo baby wipes.

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  • office equipment cleaning wet wipe

    Office Cleaning Wet Cleaner

    Offering you fast cleaning for the office equipment. This Office Cleaning Wet Cleaner is a disinfecting and alcohol wet wiper towel. Fast dry, Leave no trace or strip.

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  • Touch Screen Wipes

    Office Sharepack Touch Screen Wipes, 200 Single Foil Packets

    Office Sharepack Touch Screen Wipes, 200 Single Foil Packets Dust off Antistatic Monitor Wipes Quckly-dry and lint free screen cleansing wipes

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  • office product cleaning wet wiper

    Office Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Professional office cleaning wet wipes This office wet wiper could used for cleaning all kinds of office equipment. It could be used for the computer screen, TV screen, LCD/LED screen, Monitor,Camera,laptop, mouse, CD/DVD player,keyboard,printer,telephone,desk,door, and so on. Leave no trace and strip after cleaning,  Lint free and No harm to the cleaned surface.

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  • Comfortable Surface disinfectant Wet Wipes

    Surface disinfectant Wet Wipes

    The Cash Counting Machine cleaning wet wipes This wipe is Specially designed for the people who often counting the banknotes. Your finger will be covered with dirt and bacteria if you touch the banknotes much. It is very good for cashier, ticket seller, office cashier center, financial staff and company.

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  • Inkpad cleaning wet wipes

    Inkpad Remover Cleaning Wipes

    The Inkpad remover cleaning wet wipes This Ink-pad remover cleaner is good to clean your finger. The wipe is moisten by 75% alcohol. We recommend it to use in the school, Law office, Court, Bank,Hospital,Company, hotel, e.t.c It is a very nice Ink-pad cleaner and wiper for you.

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