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As a manufacturer and exporter of wet wipes and dry wipes,   Ecoeon Technology Co.,Limited produces and supply all kinds of individually wrapped and multi-pack wet wipes series products.  Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd focus on international market such as Europe, North America and South America, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Ecoeon Technology provide you the professional private label service and custom brand service.



Category by Application:

1.Isopropyl Alcohol wet wipes

2.Feminine wet wipes

3.Refreshing facial and hand wipes

4.Patient care medical wet wipes, 

5.Skincare cleaning wipes and Self-tanning wet wipes

5.Pet care cleaning wipes

6.Screen cleaning wet wipes

7.Printer head cleaning wipes

8.Automotive cleaning wet wipes

9.Industrial equipment clean and maintenance wet wipes(IPA Isopropyl Alcohol cleaning wet wipes)

10.Multi-Purpose cleaning wet wipes

11.Disinfecting wipes

12.After sex cleaning wipes

13.Makeup remover wipes

14.Lens glasses cleaning wipes

15.Baby wipes


Category by wipes Material:

1.100% Cotton cleaning wet wipes

2. Regular Spunlace Non-woven cleaning wet wipes

3.Wet strength paper cleaning wet wipes

4.100% Biodegradable  wet wipes

5.100% plant-based wet wipes

6.Polyester cleaning wet wipes

7.Flushable Compostable Wet Wipes

8. Embossed wipes

9. Bamboo wipes

10.Black Charcoal wipes

11.Plastic dot coated scrubbing wipes

12.Melt-blown fabric wipes


Category by Feature:

1.Anti-sweat cleaning wet wipes

2.Anti-Static cleaning wipes

3.Makeup removal beauty cleaning wet wipes

4.Mosquito repelling cleaning wet wipes

5.Skin care cleaning wet wipes

6.Nail polish cleaning wet wipes

7.Glasses and Lens cleaning wet wipes

8.Antibacterial cleaning wet wipes

9.Biocides cleaning wet wipes

10.Disinfecting 99.9% wipes

11.Mini pack wipes

12.Pocket size wet wipes


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