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Retail Store Brand Private Label Wipes Service Center

Welcome to the service center of the Private label for all the wet wipes series.

Due to more and more new customer want to put their Logo on the packing, so we decide to set up one production department that professionally focus on the private label things for every customer.

But there are always big MOQ(minimum order quantity) problem to stop some customer doing the private label order when they discuss with some factory/manufaturer.   

Fortunately, We ECOEON Technology can help you and we can do different private label service for you.  We offer the customer much smaller MOQ and fast delivery time compared with most of Wipes Manufacturers in the market. We can help you to promote your own brand easily.


For Individually Wrapped Wet Wipes , the order quantity for private label service with runs as low as 10,000 to 100,000 pieces according to different wipes (Regular ingredient/formula).     Not as much as 300,000 pcs any more.

For Multi-pack wipes, the order quantity for private label service with runs as low as 5,000-10,000 unit (Regular ingredient/formula).  Not big as 50,000 pack any more.


The service process of our private label is simple and fast to run as well for the new customer.

Just four steps to make your own packing and private label service.

1. Tell us what wet wipe that you want to do,  the wipe size and packing size, packing details, the application.

2. Use our formula liquid or offer us your own formula liquid for making wet wipes.

3. Send us your own designed artwork or ask us to design the artwork for you.

4. Confirm delivery time and payment,  then we begin to produce the wet wipe for you.


We always offer our customer one affordable solution. Help them to promote the company brand and gain big market share.

All ranges of our wet wipe is suit to do the Private label service.

Welcome to Inquiry us anytime.  We will reply you in 1-24 hours.

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Private label service center for wet wipes

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Research & Development Center For The Private Label Wipes

Except for the Private Label printing service, We also offer the customer unique and private formula solution service .

We have one leading R&D team to develop and launch different multiple functions of solution for different wipes and different application each year.

Mainly include the medical field, Household and office cleansing use, Personal care and beauty use, baby use, Automotive and Industrial cleansing field, etc. 

We accept OEM/ODM services.

We accept the customer's own liquid to make one wet wiper, then we can do the production and packing job. 

Welcome to Inquiry and start a bespoke product.


Additional Service

a) We can help you to find and search other cleaning products in China.

b) We can send official invitation if you need it when you come to China.

c) We can offer travel schedule tips when you come to China no matter you come to our company or not.

d) We can help you to arrange the schedule of visitation of Vendors/Factory. Helping you to book hotel and order the meal in China.

e) We could be your all purpose agent to make your business easier and better in China.

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Have a Question?

Get in touch with our knowledgeable sales representatives about any question you may have.

  • Household And Office Wipes

    Household And Office Wipes

    We offer the private label service for all kinds of household and office cleaning wipes. Smaller MOQ, Short delivery time and superior customer service will be our advantage.   We can do so many different wet wipes for household and office cleansing field. Such as below Multi surface cleansing and disinfection wipes Surface cleansing and antibacterial wipes Degrease wipes Stain remover wipes, Kill germs wipes Kitchen wipes Bathroom wipes Glasses wipes Anti-fog wipes Lens cleansing wipes Screen wipes Flushable toilet wipes IPA alcohol wipes Super Mini wet wipes, e.t.c Welcome to Inquiry us, we will reply you in 12-24 hours. Click here to check current household and office cleansing wipes.

  • Medical And Healthy Care Wipes

    Medical And Healthy Care Wipes

    Private Label service for the Medical and Healthy Care Wipes Series After working with many hospital and ministry of health hygiene department these years,  Our Disposable Medical Wipes series are more and more authorized in the worldwide market.    Our professional disinfection and Antibacterial Medical Wipes to help our client to get more reputation and promote their brand for medical wipe sales in the past 10 years. Fast leading time and quick delivery time to make our client to gain more competitive advantage. International sales net help our client to save more cost.  So why don't you try to talk with us about your business plan right now?     Our medical wipe range is ample for different medial application.   Check below. Skin cleansing and disinfectant wipes Prior Skin preparation wipes 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate IPA wipes series, CHG wipes. Povidone Iodine Wipes No-Rinse bath wipes  Alcohol prep wipes Alcohol free wipes BZK antiseptic wipes Soap wipes medical device surface disinfection and cleansing wipes, e.t.c   Our medical wipes widely use for Hospital, Clinic, First Aids. All product is  Certificated by CE, ISO 9001&13485, FDA, RoHs.   Individually wrapped and multipack for option. Accept customized size and formula, packing. Welcome to Inquiry us, we will reply you in 12-24 hours.   Click here to check current medical wet wipes.  

  • Personal And Beauty Care Wipes

    Personal And Beauty Care Wipes

    Personal Care And Beauty Wipes  We have one Class 100,000 production zone to produce all kinds of personal care and beauty wipes. That make sure the finished wet wipes to match the medical grade standard.   Safe and easy to use for personal hygiene cleansing. We worked with many wholesales and dealer, beauty salon in this field these years.  We produce and supply various types of personal care wipes including Sunless Self tanning wipes,  Makeup Remover cleaning wet wipes,  Face  wipes,  Disinfectant Hand wipes, Nail polish cleaning wipes, Flushable wipes, toilet paper, Women Vagina care wet wipes, Body cleaning wipes, Hygiene wipes,  e.t.c Single pack and multipack for option.    Fast delivery time and safe payment terms. Neutral packaging or private label packing for the customer.  Welcome to send us a Inquiry, we will reply you in 12-24 hours.   Click here to check current personal care and beauty wipes.

  • Industrial Wipes

    Industrial Wipes

    Industrial Cleaning Wipes for private lable Dry cleaning wipes series as below Cleanroom non-woven wipes,  Cleanroom polyester wipes, Cleanroom microfiber wipes,  SMT Stencil cleaning wipes General cleaning wipes. Wet wipes series as below Isopropyl Alcohol cleaning wet wipes Surface cleansing and disinfectant wet wipes Degrease wipes Printer head cleaning wet wipes Electrical cable and optic cleaning wet wipes Equipment cleansing and maintenance wipes  Factory direct price and Private label for worldwide customer. Welcome to inquiry us any time. we will reply you in 12-24 hours. Click here to know more industrial use wipes.

  • Automotive Cleaning Wipes

    Automotive Cleaning Wipes

    Prviate label service for the Automotive Cleaning Wet Wipes We produce different wet wipe for cleaning the different part of the car. Our Automotive wipes are widely use in the automotive production field and household car maintenance, daily driving on the go. Not only cleansing wipes for the car, our wipes also have very good antibaterial and disinfection function to make sure every driver have healthy driving place in their car. Check below what we can do for the car cleaning wipes. Dashboard disinfectant wipes Anti Fog wet wipes for windshield  Leather car seat cleansing wipes Headlight cleaning wet wiper Interior and Exterior car cleaning wipes. Polishing and Cleaning wet wipes for the exterior part of the Vehicle. Microfiber extra soft wipe, leaves no scratches on the painting. Antibacterial and disinfectant wipe which offer you a clean and tidy cabin.   Offering the customer Individual wipes and multipack wipes for option. Welcome to send us Inquiry to start private label business. We will reply you in 12-24 hours. Click here to know more car wipes.

  • Pet Care Wipes

    Pet Care Wipes

    Pet Care Wipes Everyone love pets, everyone care their pets.    We produce and supply pet care wet wipe to help the customer to take care of the pets' health and hygiene problem. Pet play a big role in our life, they like to play with you indoor or outdoor. but this family member dose not wear shoes or clothes usually.  they like lie down on the floor/ground, even roll on the ground.  So their claws and body is easy to get dirty when the pet play outdoor.  Now you have to focus on the healthy and hygiene problem for the pets,  it may cause some disease if you don't deal with the hygiene problem in time.   We Ecoeon produce all series of pet care wipes. Including the claws cleaning wipes, ears cleaning wipes, eyes cleaning wipes,  Pet skin care, mouths cleaning wipes. We do the antibacterial and disinfectant wet wiper for the pet.   Offer you Neutral packing and offer you private labels packing for whole pet care wipes series. Welcome to contact us for inquiry.  We will reply you in 1-24 hours. Click here to know more pet wipes.  

  • Baby Wipes

    Baby Wipes

    Baby & Toddle Wipes  Soft and Gentle skin care and cleaning for baby. Our baby wipes range to cover different age group. Such as 1-6 months baby, 6-12 months baby, 1-2 years baby, 3+ years baby, e.t.c As we know the, the baby skin is weak and sensitive to resistant outer things.   The baby wipes not only remove stain things, but also make sure no irritation to the baby skin. That require the baby wipes must to be neutral on all sides.   According to different age group, we produce different baby wipes for our customer. We use different wipe material to match the end users.   Our wipe material is soft that make sure no scratch baby's skin. Except normal baby wipe material, We also have biodegradable and neutral soybean fibre material for baby wipes.   Packing solution We have baby wipes packed by bag, tub, can. Accept customized formula liquid and size and packing. Welcome to send us Inquiry. We will reply you in 1-24 hours. Click here to know more baby wipes.

  • Self Tanning Wipes

    Self Tanning Wipes

    Sunless Self tanning Wipes   By using the tanning wipe that is most efficient way to bring you healthy and sexy bronze skin color. Apply the self tanning wet wipes on the skin, and it will change your color within 1-4 hours. The bronze color will be lasting for 1-2 weeks.  This tanning wet wipes could help you to cover spider vein problem. Easy to use for whole body skin. Individually packed and mulit-packing for Private Label OEM order service. Accept customized size and formula from customer. Welcome to send us a Inquiry to start business. We will reply you in 1-24 hours. Click here to get more tanning product.

If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!