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  • Restaurant and catering wipes

    Restaurant And Catering Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Restaurant and catering cleaning wet wipes It is a good wet wipe for restaurant, fast food outlet,hotel,bar. It is easy to remove oil and residue on the plate, hand, face, e.t.c It is pre-meal cleaning wet wipe. For hand and finger cleanness.

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  • Anti Mosquito cleaning wipes

    Disposable Anti Mosquito Wipes

    Anti Mosquito towelette This wipe is a good cleaner for the mosquito. It is a wet wipe that smell nice but terrible for the mosquito. No harm and irritation to the skin.

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  • Adhesive remover alcohol cleaning cloth

    Adhesive Remover Alcohol Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Adhesive remover alcohol cleaning wet wipes It is moisten by 70% or 100% alcohol solution. It is multi surface antibacterial wipe for car interior.

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  • Leather and Upholstery cleaning wet cloth

    Leather Care Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Leather and Upholstery cleaning wet wipes This wet wipe is designed for cleaning the leather and upholstery parts in the car. It is good for cleaning the leather seat, leather and upholstery parts on the Dashboards. It is an antibacterial and disinfectant wet wipe for the car interior.

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  • Dashboards cleaning wet wipe

    Dashboard Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Dashboards cleaning wet wipes This wet wipe is designed for cleaning the car dashboards. It is an antibacterial and disinfectant wet wipe which makes sure the dashboards keep clean and healthy. This wet wipe is natural formula solution, No harmful chemical smells to the cab.

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  • Powerful Degreasing cleaning wipes

    Powerful Degreasing Cleaning Wipes

    Degreasing cleaning wet wipes It is very easy to remove the greasing on the engine, leather, dashboard in the car. No residue after cleaning. Fast dry and , streak free.

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  • Windscreen Anti-fog

    Windscreen Antifog Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Windscreen Antifog cleaning wet wipes This Anti-fog cleaning wet wipe is designed for cleaning the automotive windscreen, car window. It is easy to remove the dust and bug dead body,fingerprint, dust, bird dropping on the windscreen. It is Anti-fog wet wipe.

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  • The Sting Relief cleaning wet prep wipes

    The Sting Relief Prep Pads

    The Sting Relief prep pads This wet wipe is effective to sting relief. This wet wipe is good for pain relief.

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  • The blood sampling collection wipes

    The Blood Collection Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Blood collection cleaning wet wipes It is a professional cleaning wet wipe for skin care when you do the blood collection. It is a disinfectant wipe which make sure the skin disinfected and hygiene.

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  • Hand skin disinfectant wipes

    Hygiene Care Antiseptic Hand Wipes 30pcs

    Hand cleaning wet hygiene wipes It is disinfectant and antibacterial hygiene wipe for hand cleaning. This wipe could kill 99% bacterial, virus and fungi. It is recommended to the people who need clean the hand and skin anywhere anytime.

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  • Beauty care cleaning wiper

    Beauty Care Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Beauty care cleaning wet wipes It is a good cleaner and wiper for the face skin and hand. It is a good wipe for cleaning the skin before makeup. It is a good wiper for your skincare and hygiene, face cleaning.

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  •  cosmetic makeup remover cleaning wipe

    Makeup Remover Cleaning Biodegradable Wipes

    Makeup remover cleaning wipes The makeup remover cleaning wet wipe is easy to remove the makeup cosmetic residue. Moisturizing for the face skin. No irritation on the skin.

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