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  • Instant Shoe Shine Cleaning Wipes

    Quickly Shoe Shine Wipes

    Instant Shoe Shine Cleaning Wipes Fast cleaning and shine for the shoes. It is a wet cleaning tissue for the shoe cleaning.  Remove dust and stain, quickly clean and fast dry shoe cleaning product.

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  •  Rinse Free Hair Washing Shampoo Cap

    Rinse Free Shampoo Cap

    It's rinse free, quickly wash and alcohol free disposable hair washing shampoo cap.      Designed for pregnant women and patients, old people, someone who worked remote area/outdoor. It is a convenient and easy to use hair washing cleaning product.

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  • New Condom Wet Wipes

    Creative Condom Wet Wipes

    It is creative individually wrapped pocket wet wipes. The packing bag is very similar to the condom packing. we called it is Not Condom wet wipes.

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  • Disposable Refreshing Facial Wipe

    Refreshing Facial Wipes

    This face wipe is easy to remove the dust, sebum or grease, makeup residue, sweat stain on the face.   It is fresh up high quality wet face wipes.

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  • Printhead cleaning wet wipe

    Printer Head cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Printer cleaning Wet Wipes For Laser-Ink Jet Printers This Printer head wet wipe is moisten by the Isopropyl Alcohol solution. It is great to remove the printing ink, dust, glue, article, oil on the printer head. This wet wipes wipe also could be cleaned for the printer surface.

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  • Natural Care flushable cleaning wet wipes for adults

    Wholesales Flushable Wet Wipes

    Natural Care Best Flushable Wet Wipes Which offer you a fast confidently clean and fresh clean.  This flushable wipes could be used for cleaning the body skin, face, hands, bottom. It is a good flushable wipes instead of the toilet paper.

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  • Optical Power Cable Cleaning Wipes

    Power Cable Cleaning Wet IPA Wipes

    Power Cable Cleaning Wet Paper is a professional IPA wet cleaning wiper for the power cable cleaning. Keep the cable work well before/during cable installation. It is a lint free IPA industrial wet wipes.

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  • office product cleaning wet wiper

    Office Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Professional office cleaning wet wipes This office wet wiper could used for cleaning all kinds of office equipment. It could be used for the computer screen, TV screen, LCD/LED screen, Monitor,Camera,laptop, mouse, CD/DVD player,keyboard,printer,telephone,desk,door, and so on. Leave no trace and strip after cleaning,  Lint free and No harm to the cleaned surface.

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  • 70% medical alcohol pads

    Medical Alcohol Pads

    Medical Pads Wipes This medical pads is a professional disinfectant wet wiper.  Use For the skin prep disinfection for patients, old people, children. It is a 70% Isopropyl alcohol moist wet pads with individually sachet. This disinfectants medical pads against the multi-resistant bacteria as MRSA and ESBL.

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  • Sunless Self-Tanning Wipes

    Single Pack Self-Tanning Wipes

    It is a sunless self-tanning wet wiper. Help the skin to get a bronze and tan color. Easy to use and special designed for the beauty care people.

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  • SMT sctencil Cleaning spray wipes

    SMT Stencil Cleansing Pre-Saturated 70 IPA Cleaning Wipes

    SMT Stencil Pre-Saturated 70 IPA Cleaning Wet Wipes It is professional SMT stencil cleaning wet cleaner. It is pre-saturated with the IPA solution which is good and easy to clean the SMT Stencil. Leave no particle, Good removal for Adhesive residue,fluxes, light oils, polar soils and white mineral residue things. It is a good Stencil Clean Wipes, Hand Clean Wipes,IPA/DA wet wipes.

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  • Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes

    Body and Face Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes 1 count

    The Sunless Self Tanning Wet Towelettes 1 count for 1 sachet It is a very easy to use and convenient and efficient self tanner wipe product. Good for use at home and travel. Used for body and face application. The tanning wet wipes offer you a neutral looking tan skin color. No Streaking, No harm by sun damage. Good to the female and woman and man.

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