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Jumbo Rolls industrial Wipes


Jumbo Rolls industrial Wipes

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Product Detail

Product Name:  Jumbo Rolls industrial Wipes

Product Code: DW-0060

Color: White

Wipe material:  55% Wood Pulp & 45% Polyester Fabric

Process: roll packing

Size: 300 mm * 300 mm

Welcome to customized size and packing.

Wipes Features

Toughness, Lint free, soft texture, strong High absorbent,  wet and dry use, Heavy oil absorption, suitable for heavy oil dust surface wipe, soft texture, not scratch the surface of the object/equipment.


Product Features of the blue wiper

1.High absorbency

2.Low lint/lint free

3.Solvent resistant

4.Ideal to replace the cotton rags

5.Reusable and durable, cost savings

6.Save warehouse costs

7.Both dry & wet environment

8.Absorption of water, oil and other liquids quickly




1. Wipe the production of heavy oil pollution;

2. With a solvent for surface treatment;

3. machine tools and large equipment maintenance and repair;

4. the removal of all kinds of ink leakage;

5. The user's own clean.

Other notes: The product colors are white and blue, pattern bark pattern, checkered, sesame dot pattern, etc., if special specifications, can be customized.

Recommend to Use:

Automotive/car/wheel/ refinishing, wiping, polishing, cleaning, painting, washing

Cleanroom, cleaning room, dust-room, laboratory, chemical.

Electronics, semiconductor, precision instruments, optical industry.

Printing, automotive, engineering, shipyard, workshop, oil station, etc

Great use for Heavy oil cleansing, mechanical assembly and maintenance use, mechanical products,  laboratory and other chemical agents, reagents, solvent removal wipe, SMT printing, machinery and equipment assembly and other industries are applicable.

All Automotive Cleaning Wipes are great as they are quick and easy to use providing a one-step clean for your car. They remove stubborn dirt and other contaminants.


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Jumbo Rolls industrial Wipes

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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!