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Lint Free Clean room 100% Polyester Wipes


Lint Free Clean room 100% Polyester Wipes

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Product Detail

Lint Free Clean room Polyester Wipes

The cleanroom Polyester wipe is made of 100% continuous knit polyester fiber.  The polyester wipes greatly prevents fiber shedding and dander generation. 

The Polyester wipes is produced in the 18 megohms ultrapure water and packed in the purification Class10-1000 level clean room factory.

It is easy to clean sensitive surfaces, friction and not fall off fiber, The polyester wipes have  good water absorption and cleaning efficiency.

 Part Number  Description  Gram Weight   Packing  Purity Level
 GP-1000-4 4"× 4“ Polyester Wipes 120g/㎡  600pcs/bag Class 100 
 GP-1000-6 6"× 6“ Polyester Wipes   120g/㎡    150pcs/bag  Class 100  
 GP-1000-9 9"× 9“ Polyester Wipes 120g/㎡  150pcs/bag  Class 100  
GP-1000-12  12"× 12“ Polyester Wipes 120g/㎡  150pcs/bag  Class 100 

Edge Trim of the wiper

Cold cut, laser cut , Ultrasound cut for option.

Excellent Features of our polyester wiper

1. superior wash performance.

2. Good laser cutting edge technology.

3. After contact with chemical solvents few non-volatile residue.

4. It is easy to use together with the acid and solvent.

5. The Fiber is not easy to fall off, low amount of dust;

6. The surface is smooth and soft;

7. Good Resistance to chemical solvents;

8. Excellent breaking strength, economic and efficient.

Purpose And Application of the polyester wiper

1. Semiconductor chip production lines, such as microprocessors;

2. The semiconductor assembly production line;

3. The disc drive, composite materials;

4.LCD display products;

5. The circuit board production lines;

6. Precision Instruments;

7. The optical products;

8. The aviation industry;

9. PCB products;

10. The medical equipment;

11. Laboratory;

12. The free workshop

13. The electronics industry, clean room wipe clean;

14. Optical instrument manufacturing, optical fiber manufacturing;

15. Food and pharmaceutical industries, The machining industry;

16. automotive beauty care industries

17.Widely used in liquid crystal displays; 

18.Flexible circuit boards; 

19.Pharmaceutical industries.

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Lint Free Clean room 100% Polyester Wipes

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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!