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Automotive Cleaning Wipes

Automotive Cleaning Wipes

Prviate label service for the Automotive Cleaning Wet Wipes

We produce different wet wipe for cleaning the different part of the car.

Our Automotive wipes are widely use in the automotive production field and household car maintenance, daily driving on the go.

Not only cleansing wipes for the car, our wipes also have very good antibaterial and disinfection function to make sure every driver have healthy driving place in their car. Check below what we can do for the car cleaning wipes.

Dashboard disinfectant wipes

Anti Fog wet wipes for windshield 

Leather car seat cleansing wipes

Headlight cleaning wet wiper

Interior and Exterior car cleaning wipes.

Polishing and Cleaning wet wipes for the exterior part of the Vehicle.

Microfiber extra soft wipe, leaves no scratches on the painting.

Antibacterial and disinfectant wipe which offer you a clean and tidy cabin.


Offering the customer Individual wipes and multipack wipes for option.

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Interior Car cleaning wipes

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