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How To Do Brand Marketing With Wet Wipes?

2016-11-21 18:33:01
You must want your own company brand/label to be known by more and more people as much as possible once they are created. Obviously, there are many way to advertise the band or company label. But the cost is much different from each other. The TV Ads, the Internet Ads, the Email Ads, the Telephone Ads, etc I don’t think everyone/company have enough budget for these Ads. Is there any cost effective and really workable advertisement? The answer will be found in below articles.

First, we are a manufacturer of all kinds of wet wipes and wet tissue. We provide the customer wet wipes private label services and customized branding service for all wet wipe series. That is mean that we can put your company information on the packing, such as your company website, hot sales line, email, skype, social media platform, etc. we have both single packed and multi-pack wet wipes for option, so the wet wipes packing with your company information which will become on the go advertisement. There is big chance to take your company information anywhere. But the cost for one piece of wet wipe which is very cheap but big value.

Case 1
For the restaurant catering business. As we know, the dry napkin is necessary stuff for any restaurant, but now the catering cleaning wet wipes is more and more popular. Because the wet wipe is easy to use and stronger cleansing effect, Not only cleaning for the surface, tableware, but also hand and facial, mouth. One more thing, the pouch of wet wipe is printed with the restaurant name and brief, that will be a small advertisement when the customer open the pouch, besides, the customer could take 1-2 pieces of wet wipe with them when they finish the meals, now your restaurant name is spread everywhere in the city, definitely, more and more new customer will go to your restaurant.

Case 2
For the electronic products shop. The customer may go and look around in the shop, they may buy one new smart phone, a Camera, a DV, TV, Video game player, UVA(unmanned aerial vehicles). Why not send several pieces single packed cleaning wet wipes as gift to the customers? They can use the wet wipe to clean the screen, the shell service, and then let more potential customer to know about your shop.

Case 3
For the beauty salon and barbershop, Nail Art beauty shop. There are more and more client from the personal beauty business field who ask us to do the private label for the hygiene wet wipes series. They use much wet tissue every day, so the packing should be branded with their company logo and label, then the customer may have more impressive memory when they stay in the shop, and then your shop will come out of their head when need such service next time.

We always provide our private label wet wipes to our customer to help they expand the business. Welcome to contact us to get more details and idea.

These wet wipe is also very good for selling on the supermarket,7-11 shop. Convenient shop.

We offer you private label service for different package.

Welcome to inquiry us to get more details.
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