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Buy more flushable and biodegradable wipe to protect the Earth

2016-09-30 20:32:10

There is only one mother planet. We should do anything as we can to protect the Earth no matter it is big or small things.

We use the wet/moist wipes a lot these years. But most wet wipe fabric is mady by the spunlace nonwoven fiber. Some nonwoven fabric is 100% polyester, the most common fabric is 55% cellulose and 45% polyester. Yes, these fabric is good to use and clean on any surface, but the problem is that they can’t degrade itself fast when they are discard, Usually, the nonwoven fabric still keep strong for 1-3 months when they are exposed in the natural environment. That is why we declare the common wet wipe should not be flushed in the toilet after use, but throw them into the garbage box. Everyone should care more this problem when they are using one wet wipes.

Is there any wet wipe which is good for the nature? Yes, sure. The answer is the flushable and biodegradable fabric. Now we produce more and more flushable and biodegradable wet wipe to supply the International market.

It is really popular these years. Customer like to use it because the flushable wipe provide them same effect and better convenience compared with traditional common wet wipes, they can flush the used wet wipes in the toilet right now. they will no need worried the used wet wipe pollute the nature and city any more, the customer know that they are protecting the Earth compared with the one who are using common wet wipes. So why not to do some good things to protect our mother Planet? The environment administration/government encourage people to use more eco-friendly and biodegradable product. The wholesales and dealer would like to sell our flushable and biodegradable wet wipes as well, because every one want to do good things to protect the Earth.

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We could provide you private label for these flushable wet wipes.
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