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Professional Adhesive Remover Wet Wipes

2016-11-22 10:14:17
Ecoeon Technology always pursue to provide the customer professional and advanced effective wet wipes. Not only use for household, but also used for professional industry.

We will introduce you one professional adhesive remover wet wipes today. The tape may leave adhesive residue on the surface after you peel it off. You may stick some part on something but the surface needed to be very clean.How do you do now? you may find there will be some water stripe and trace on the surface when you use one cloth with some water, you may also use the alcohol instead of the water for cleaning, but there is another problem because the alcohol dry slowly. If the surface is sensitive, the cloth may cause some scratch on it, now you really need professional cloth as well. All these potential problem will slow down your work or lead to some damage and lost.

Thanks to one customer who inquiry us and tell us their annoyance, we realized that so many company are enduring same problem these years, we decide to make one new professional adhesive remover wet wipes. All above annoying problems will be solved by using our wet wipes. We have patented solvents to make sure the cleaning liquid dry quickly without leave any residue and water trace, we use soft biodegradable fiber to replace traditional non-woven fabric, it is more eco-friendly and very gently to the sensitive surface.

Please inquiry us and get some free samples for quality testing, It will be impressive wet wipe that you are looking for.

We always provide our private label wet wipes to our customer to help they expand the business. Welcome to contact us to get more details and idea.

If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!