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Catering & Airline Wipes

Catering & Airline Wipes
  • KFC Restaurant catering Moist wipes

    KFC Restaurant Moist Towelette

    We Ecoeon technology provide private label service for this KFC restaurant hygiene moist towelette.   It is a good refresh cleaning wet towelette to solve the hand and face skin cleaning.  It is a good healthy care wet wiper.

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  • Handy Freshener Lemon Wipes

    High Quality Lemon Fresh Wipes

    It is great personal hygiene care and skincare lemon moist wipes. It is a alcohol free antiseptic sanitizing lemon wipes.   Good for use on the face, hand, body cleansing.

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  • Restaurant Hygiene Wet Tissue

    Multipack Restaurant Hygiene Wet Wipes

    Multipack Restaurant Hygiene Wet Wipes It is multi-purpose hygiene care restaurant wet wipes. It is great wet wipes used for hand, face cleansing, table weave cleansing.  Rinse free high quality restaurant wet wipes.

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  • BBQ Barbecue Cleaning Wet Wipes

    BBQ Barbecue Wipes

    It is a BBQ barbecue cleaning wet wipes.   Fast clean and easy to remove the stain and oil in the barbecue.  It is black dotted BBQ wet wipes.

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  • Airline cleaning wet tissue

    Airline Hygiene Care Wet Wipes

    Airline cleaning wet wipes It is a professional disinfectant cleaning wet wipe for Airline. It is a necessary wet wipe for the airline meal. It is good for cleaning the hand and mouths after meal.

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  • Restaurant and catering wipes

    Restaurant And Catering Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Restaurant and catering cleaning wet wipes It is a good wet wipe for restaurant, fast food outlet,hotel,bar. It is easy to remove oil and residue on the plate, hand, face, e.t.c It is pre-meal cleaning wet wipe. For hand and finger cleanness.

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