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Why someone want heat a cold wet wipes?

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Why someone want heat a cold wet wipes?

Published:November 2,2015.

Talk to me about wet wipes

I always do a quick peek before removing the diaper. That way I know if I should wet a couple wipes and grab a special toy before laying the crazy wiggling baby down and removing the diaper. You could always have them wet and ready in an empty plastic wipes tub or something similar. Just wet enough for only 2 3 days so you don't have to worry about mildew.

It can be as simple as throwing as bunch of clean wipes in the container (no folding necessary) and running some water over them. If I felt like getting fancy I would fold them in half first and dump water mixed with a tiny bit of baby soap over them.

I like to spray off really poopy wipes. If I got most of it off with the diaper and the wipe looks pretty clean then I just throw the wipe directly into the pail/bag and spray off the diaper only. I know a lot of people don't bother to clean off the wipe, but I'm the type to spray off 99.9% of poop on the diapers too. Probably way more effort than necesssry.
I use a mix of homemade double layer flannel, single layer flannel, and cheap baby wipes. I'm finding I prefer the single layer flannel lately.

There are many methods to do cloth wipes.
I use a wipes warmer. I fill it up with warm water, baby shampoo and a dab of coconut oil. The coconut oil help clean messes easier without rubbing so much. I dump the wipes inside the water and then wring them out all at once. They last for 2 days.

I used to fold them so they would pop up but who has time for that, lol. Having warm wipes helps a lot with my squirmy baby boy. He hates being cold (who wouldn't?) and pees when we use cold disposables.

Above words come from a real mother,  She complained about the cold wet wipes.

Yes, All of our wet wipe is cold as well, but our wet wipe is well sealed by bag, you could heat the wipe before opening the bag.  The inner liquid will not vaporize.

Welcome to inquiry us to get a wet wiper.

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