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7 Things to Keep in Your Car This Summer

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7 Things to Keep in Your Car This Summer

Published:November 2,2015.

7 Things to Keep in Your Car This Summer

Summer is time for adventure, road trips, barbecues, days at the lake or park. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to be ready. This list will keep you prepared for any number of situations you may encounter this summer. 

From the spontaneous trip to the beach, a spilled soda, a friend's party, a sudden urge to go to a rummage sale, or the breakdown of your car.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but these items are cheap, easy to acquire and should all fit in a small bag. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments.

1. Car dashboard cleaning wet wipe, leather wiper

The cab is as important as a house. because you may sit in the cab as long as living in a house.  You man touch the dashboard much, the wheel, the shift knob, the leather or fabric seat.     So the interior surface may be covered by fingerprint or skin sebum and make bacteria spread. 

So you need a disinfectant anti bacteria wet wiper to keep your car clean and healthy.   we offer many kinds of wet wiper for your car cleansing here.

2. Sunscreen and Bug Spray Sunscreen and bug spray and probably the two most important things you can carry in your car during the summer. As it turns out car windows only protect you from UVA rays (that's the one that causes sunburn), but not from UVB rays (the kind that cause cancer), so you really should slather up before heading out on a long trip. Not to mention if you decide to stop and swim or go on a hike. If it's already in the car you never have to worry about forgetting it.

Speaking of hiking, that's where the bug spray comes in. You never know when mosquitoes will strike and they can carry any number of diseases, not to mention they are super annoying. If you go to a lot of outdoor parties or barbecues you might just save the day if you have bug spray when others forget. 

Besides, we supply anti mosquito cleaning wet wipes,  It is easy to carry with you when you go outdoor.  It is individually packing or bulk packing for option. Comparing with Bug Spray,  our bug wiper is good to use as well.

3. TowelKeep a towel handy just in case you decide to go for a quick swim. Sometimes a quick dip is just what you need after a long day.

If you don't live in an area where you can go swimming a hand towel is good in case you spill something. It's much nicer than searching for any leftover McDonalds napkins.

4. Water and SnacksIt is very important to keep yourself hydrated during the summer and even though a warm bottle of water won't be the most refreshing thing it will be better than nothing. You can buy a nice water bottle or water jug for cheap and depending on the amount of ice you put in it, it will stay cold for hours. (If you wrap the water bottle in your towel it will act as insulation and keep it cold for longer.)

You should also keep some snacks in the car. Granola bars, trail mix, chips, or crackers won't melt in the sun and are nice if you decide to stop and enjoy the sunshine.

5. Sweatshirt or Light JacketYou never know if the weather is suddenly going to turn cold so you should always keep a sweatshirt or light jacket handy. You don't want to go to a party at the park only to find out it's a bit chillier than you expected.

6. Reading MaterialKeep a book or some magazines handy. It's nice to have something to do if you find yourself waiting, either in traffic, or at the park. If your car breaks down you'll definitely want to have something to do so you don't drain your cell phone battery playing Sudoku.

7. Spare ChangeWhat if you drive by a kid selling lemonade and all you have is your credit card. Having some change in the car would be nice. Or if you drive by a yard sale, you might find something cute to buy for just a couple dollars.

Express10 3 years ago from East Coast Level 2 Commenter

These are some useful tips. Snacks come in handy when you're busy and don't have time to stop and eat. I keep hand sanitizer too, just to keep germs at bay. Thanks for sharing.
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