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The 3 Ways To Wash Your Face Without Actually Touching It

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The 3 Ways To Wash Your Face Without Actually Touching It

Published:November 4,2015.

The 3 Ways To Wash Your Face Without Actually Touching It

Touching your face is gross. But no matter how hard we try to keep our dirty fingers off our faces, we end up transferring germs (among many other things) onto our skin.

So we've been experimenting with face washing methods that limit our skin to skin contact. Here are three ways to get all that gunk out of your pores without actually touching your face.

These glove like bathing accessories fit snugly onto your hand, and many of them are made from plantbased materials. Simply squeeze your favorite cleansing cream, gel or foam onto the mitt and gently scrub your face. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend first trying out a face mitt on the inside of your arm or the back of your hand. And after getting our hands on them, we now know why brands are making such a big fuss. The super soft sponges build a rich lather to wash away a day's worth of dirt and makeup. Plus, the rounded shape makes it easy to get into those tight corners around the nose.

Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge, $18; Julep Konjac Cleansing Sponge, $12; Dr. Sponge Lavender Facial Cleansing Sponge, $9.

Facial Cleansing Brushes

By now, you've probably heard beauty fanatics raving about some facial cleansing brush called the Clarisonic. The oscillating tool is definitely a mainstay in our evening cleansing ritual, but there are a few other options on the market that are just as great at a fraction of the cost. The great thing about them all is that you can push a button and let the brush go to work.

Simple tips to keep your skin healthy:

If your skin is sedentary on a certain day  meaning you didn't sweat or put on heavy makeup  Krant says skipping a day of washing your face isn't a sin.

On the other hand, she points out, "'it's best not to let old makeup or sunscreen sit around too long or go to sleep with you." Generally, washing your face once or twice a day is a good plan to stick to. Anything more than that is excessive (unless there are special circumstances prescribed by your dermatologist), and can lead to "rebound overproduction of oil and breakouts."

"The most important thing to watch out for in winter is over cleansing and over drying,"  Krant says. In the cooler temps we're prone to taking longer, hotter showers and spending more time in the overheated indoor air, both of which can dry out the face  and fast.

Krant says it's important not to wash your face excessively and to introduce a moisturizer, if it's right for your skin. Also cruical is an SPF: She suggests choosing a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 in the winter (and upping it to SPF 30 in the summer, when we spend more time outdoors).

One more thing,  if you want keep you face or skin clean and healthy anytime anywhere,  I think our facial cleaning wet wipes and beauty wiper is good suited to you as well.

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