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Why So Many People Condemn Biodegradable Flushable Wet Wipe?

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Why So Many People Condemn Biodegradable Flushable Wet Wipe?


Why So Many People Condemn Biodegradable Flushable Wet Wipe?

I found there were many condemn articles about flushable biodegradable wet wipes when I try to google the biodegradable flushable wet wipes product.   Many people said the flushable wet wipe clog the sewer system or sewage,  People should stop using the flushable wet wipes and forbid to sell them in some countries.   In my opinion,  that is ridiculous.  that take a part for whole.

The Biodegradable flushable wet wipe is really great product.     I have to say there was sewer clogging system problem in some country indeed caused by wet wipes,  but the real reason is the flushable wet wipe is fake 100% biodegradable flushable wet wipes.   Some company's wet wipes product is not fast biodegradable wet wipes, but they claimed their wet wipes product is flushable.    that caused sewer clogging system.    If you work with  Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd to sell the flushable wet wipes,  you will get the real 100% flushable biodegradable wet wipe product.       Because our fabric were certificated by INDA and Enada which is real flushable and fast biodegradable wet wipes.

Why our wet wipes is really flushable wet wipes?   let we see the ingredient of our fabric.

we use 100% viscose fiber to make the fabric without any bonding agent and chemical,  the viscose come from natural plant.     we don't add any polyester fiber to our wet wipes that make sure it is really biodegradable flushable wet wipes.       You can tear our wet wipes easily by hand. Ecoeon Technology is professional wet wipes manufacturer to produce different wet wipes.

Is there any solution stop sewer system clogging problem?

Yes, sure.    we suggest everybody using and buying more 100% biodegradable flushable wet wipes product instead of regular nonwoven wet wipes,   Maybe you should not discard the used flushable wet wipes in the toilet directly, but throw it in the garbage bin just like you always do that throw a regular wet wipes that is non-flushable.      Whatever it takes,   Using more biodegradable flushable wet wipes is right thing but use less regular nonwoven wet wipes product.   At least,  the 100% biodegradable flushable wet wipes is much more Eco-friendly to The Earth.   We all know the regular nonwoven wet wipes are made from polyester,  and the polyester is not biodegradable fabric.

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