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Before and After Sex Wet Wipes

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Before and After Sex Wet Wipes


Before and After Sex Wet Wipes

The dry tissue is very helpful in household life, but it is not good enough.   Wet wipe will be better use for cleansing on the skin.

Because it is moist wipes and soft and gently to refresh the skin.    The dry tissue have good liquid absorbency, but it may leave some residue after cleansing,   the wet wipe is different because it is moisten by natural liquid, it will be easily remove anything on the skin without any residue.

We recommend this Before and After sex wet wipes for cleansing,  it is really great to clean the skin quickly and comfortably before and after sex.   You can also use it to clean the private place.

We use the 100% biodegradable fabric to make this sex wet wipes,  it is very Eco-friendly and healthy for use.

As a wet wipes manufacturer,  we are not a retailer but a OEM servie and Private label service for bulk quantity order,  Welcome to inquiry us to start your wet wipe business.

If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!