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What's Binchotan Charcoal Wipes ?

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What's Binchotan Charcoal Wipes ?


Binchotan Charcoal

In recent years, Binchotan is widely used in daily life, and popular worldwide.
Binchotan originated in Kii Peninsula, Wakayama and Shirahama in the year of Yuanlu in Japan. The Binchotan material used  is ebony hardwood, with hard carbon and high density, and the carbon content can reach 93% -96%.

Binchotan charcoal is used to absorb soil, sunlight and moisture growth of ebony hardwood after 1200 degrees Celsius carbonized charcoal after its many small pores, strong adsorption, very hard, almost the hardness of steel, baked Charcoal volume is one-third of the original wood, but the weight is only one-tenth of the logs.

Binchotan charcoal has many amazing features, it can be said that the essence of the earth, but also a gem of nature.

Long charcoal has the following magical effect:

Carbon pellets have numerous pores of 2 to 3 microns, all the holes can be exposed to the air, can remove bleach or chlorine in tap water, sweet and drinkable water quality. Chinese medicine also believes that Binchotan charcoal can adsorb harmful ions.

2. Absorption and release
High-temperature fired prepared long carbon, almost no water, there are many small holes, because of this feature, Binchotan charcoal with dehumidification and temperature control effect, when the environment is too high, it will absorb moisture, and when the ambient humidity Inadequate, it will automatically release moisture to maintain the humidity in the air stable.

3. Far-infrared release
When you hold the Binchotan charcoal hand, there will be a feeling of warmth, which is its ability to release far infrared, because of this feature can be used for food preservation, to help food heat evenly, and fully retain the original flavor of ingredients. Make bedding placed on the side, make the body feel warm, can help sleep.

4.Supply negative ions
Nature's fresh air is fresh and rich because it contains abundant negative ions (phytoncide). Binchotan charcoal is the most natural air cleaner that can generate negative ions, relieve stress and relieve tension.

5. Block electromagnetic waves
More or less the occurrence of cancer and electromagnetic waves, prepared long-charcoal fired at high temperatures, that is, become a good conductor, with the same or higher than the metal shielding, is the best electromagnetic shielding material.
Electromagnetic waves released by mobile phones, computers, TVs and microwave ovens will seriously endanger our health through long-term accumulation. If long carbon charcoal is placed around home appliances and mobile phones, electromagnetic waves can be effectively blocked to prevent the human body from being harmed.

6. Environmental water air purification
Placing long Binchotan charcoal in bamboo baskets or other containers can improve the residential environment, purify and regulate indoor air humidity, protect the building from termite damage and keep the material fresh.

7.Cook delicious white rice
Prepare long charcoal with a brush in clean water, and rice into the rice cooker together, you can reduce the pesticide residues on the rice, the rice tablets full, delicious. In addition will be prepared long carbon into the cylinder can also prevent rice worms, keep dry.

8. Make water, tea, wine more mellow
The amount of Binchotan into the amount of water placed two days, the natural minerals in carbon will be released and remove the chlorine in the water, so that the water becomes weakly alkaline, is conducive to health; into the wine can make Stimulation of alcohol gradually eased, more glycol, clear mouth.

9. deodorant refrigerator
The food mixed in the refrigerator, the use of general deodorant can not be completely deodorant, if prepared with Binchotan charcoal instead of deodorant, not only for a long time deodorant, but also to maintain the fresh vegetables and fruits and delicious in the refrigerator After 3 months of use, the Binchotan charcoal is removed and washed, dried, and used again.

10.Wash charcoal bath
1 kg of charcoal washed with water, and then placed in a bathtub for 10 minutes, you can begin to enjoy the preparation of carbon charcoal bath. This bath can completely eliminate fatigue, restore spirit, but also make the skin shiny and smooth, and can make the body fully warm, to smooth the blood circulation effect.
In addition, charcoal can adsorb the dirt in the bath water, do not need to change the bath water every day, save the water, but also save the time to clean the bathtub.

11. Laundry detergent without detergent

0.2 kg of washed Binchotan charcoal into the net hanging in the upper washing machine, and about 2 kg of clothing with cleaning, you can achieve the cleaning effect. Binchotan charcoal has the effect of reducing water molecules, the smaller the water molecules easier to penetrate the fiber to remove dirt, in addition, adding two teaspoons of salt in the laundry, will play a better sterilization, bleaching effect.

And Ecoeon Technology use binchotan charcoal to make it to be wet wipes and facial mask.

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