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Toy Disinfection Wet Tissue

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Toy Disinfection Wet Tissue


Toy Disinfection Wet Tissue

Every dad and mother care the toy disinfection problem,   they are always looking for a best solution.   The toy disinfection is serious thing and parents should pay more attention to this issue.  The children play toys everyday, they touch the dirty toy surface and then they may touch their mouth and eye, so it easy to get ill if the toy not disinfected very well.    People may use alcohol to clean the toys,  or some disinfection liquid to spray the toys,  but it can't kill most bacteria and virus.

Now Ecoeon Technology provide you one best solution.  It is the surface disinfection wet wipes.   which could kill 99.9% germs in 10 minutes.     The disposable disinfectant wet wipes not only disinfect the toy surface, but it could also clean the toys surface at the same time.  the user can discard the used wet wipe after cleansing,  No second pollution and cross-infection for the toys.  the wet wipe material is soft and soaked in our patented disinfection solution in advance,  this antibacterial wet wipes could clean hard surface and soft surface,  No harmful to the skin and surface.    Easy to open the wet wipes and clean the toy anywhere anytime.

We are wet tissue manufacturer which provide the client private label service and OEM order service for different wet wipes.

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