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  • Multi Purpose use cleaning screen wipes

    Multi Purpose Cleaning Screen Wipes

    Multi Purpose cleaning wet wipes It is a really multi-purpose use wet wipe for the household or industrial field. No harm to your skin, and it is easy to remove any dirt, fingerprint, oil spot, ink, e.t.c. This cleaning wet wipe could be used for the metal surface,  plastic surface,  wooden surface, glass surface,  e.t.c. It could be used to clean any thing that you want clean.

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  • Individually Wrapped Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Individually Wrapped Household Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Individually packing household cleaning wet wipes It is a pre-wetted household cleaning wet wipe.    This wet wipes have strong Anti-bacterial and disinfectant features. It could kill most of bad Bacteria, Fungus and Virus and it is very easy to remove dust, oil, spot.  e.t.c It is a individually packed multi purpose cleaning wet wipe. We recommend it to use to clean the screen, computer, Mobile phone, TV, DV,   Kitchen, Car interior,glass, e.t.c

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  • Multi use screen cleaning wet wipes

    The Multi Purpose Screen Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Multi purpose screen cleaning wet wipes It is a screen wet wipe which is very good to clean all kinds of screen. The screen wet wipe is easy to remove the dirt, sebum, fingerprint, dust spot, e.t.c. It is recommend to clean the screen of computer, IPAD, Mini IPAD, IPAD air, IPAD air 2,  IPAD Pro, MACbook, Iphone, Apply watch screen. Sunsung PAD, Huawei PAD and Smartphone.

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  • Comfortable Disinfectant Antibacterial Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Disinfectant Antibacterial Cleaning Wet Wipes

    disinfectant Antibacterial cleaning wet wipes 20pcs This cleaning wet wipe is anti-bacterial and disinfectant wipes. It could be used for cleaning Kitchen, Furniture, Office device, Printer shell, Car, e.t.c It is a bulk packing wipe.

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  • Isopropyl Alcohol cleaning wet wipes

    The Technical Isopropyl Alcohol Wet Wipes

    The Technical Isopropyl Alcohol cleaning wet wipes This IPA wet wipe is moisten by 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol liquid. It is individually packing for each wipe. This IPA wet wipe is good for cleaning the printer head, printer surface, Window glass, Screen glass,  the metal surface of all kinds of machine or device. Strong cleanliness ability.  It is very efficient to remove the dirt, used oil, ink jet, dust

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  • Dry and wet double packed cleaning wipes

    The 2 Steps Dry And Wet Double Packed Wipes

    The 2 Steps Wet and Dry double packed cleaning wipes This double packed cleaning wipe is consist of one dry wipes and wet wipes. Each wipe is individually packed. First, you need use the wet wipe for cleaning,   then open the dry wipe to collect the extra liquid and polish the surface.

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  • The optical fiber line cleaning wipes

    The Optical Fiber And Cable Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Optical Fiber and Cable cleaning wet wipes. We specially design this optical fiber and cable cleaning wet wipes. The wipes were pre-saturated with IPA(Isopropyl Alcohol) solution. So it is wet IPA cleaning wipe. It is glue-removing, Insulated cleanness, decontaminative cleanness wet wipe.

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  • Disposable disinfectant alcohol free wipes

    Disposable Disinfectant Alcohol Free Cleaning Wet Wipes

    The Disposable Disinfectant Alcohol Free cleaning wet wipes This disinfectant wet wipe is disposable wipes. It is good for clean the skin, metal surface, plastic surface, office equipment, Furniture, Electronic high technology products. This disinfectant wet wipe is alcohol free.

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  • Medical antiseptic swabs

    Disposable Medical Antiseptic Wipes

    Disposable Medical Antiseptic Swab It is a wet antiseptic medical wipe for skincare. This antiseptic swab is good for the wound care and regular disinfectant for the skin. External use and single use only.

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  •  Surgical Chlorhexidine and Isopropyl Alcohol swabs

    Disposable Surgical Chlorhexidine And Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs

    Disposable Skincare 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and 2% Chlorhexidine gluconate Medical Prep Pads The CHG and IPA medical wet wipe is a new product on the market. The wipe is moisten by the 2% Chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol solution. This CHG and IPA impregnated wipes could provide you effective, gentle and convenient skin disinfectant and cleansing.  This wipe is effective reduce the cross-infection risk before injection or Skincare.

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  •  cosmetic makeup remover cleaning wipe

    Makeup Remover Cleaning Biodegradable Wipes

    Makeup remover cleaning wipes The makeup remover cleaning wet wipe is easy to remove the makeup cosmetic residue. Moisturizing for the face skin. No irritation on the skin.

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  • Restaurant and catering wipes

    Restaurant And Catering Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Restaurant and catering cleaning wet wipes It is a good wet wipe for restaurant, fast food outlet,hotel,bar. It is easy to remove oil and residue on the plate, hand, face, e.t.c It is pre-meal cleaning wet wipe. For hand and finger cleanness.

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