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How to choose one China wet tissue manufacturers?

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How to choose one China wet tissue manufacturers?


How to find and choose one China wet tissue manufacturers?

As we know,  Many big buyers and purchase team are sourcing the products from China.   but there are so many Chinese company and factory here,  you may have not enough time to choose one good qualified  supplier here,  that will spend you much time and energy.

We have 10 years' international trade experience,  and we have plenty of supplier resource in China.    If you are looking for some products with bulk order quantity,  Welcome to inquiry us.     Especially, if you are looking a qualified wet wipes manufacturer /vendor/supplier, we will be the best choice.    here it is the reason.

1. One qualified wet wipes manufacturer should be able to manufacture different wet wipes for different application.

Ecoeon Technology produce widely range of wet wipes.  From skincare,  healthy care , toilet use, baby wipes to pet wipes and household use surface cleansing and disinfection wet wipe series, and auto and industrial use wet wipes.

2. The qualified wet wipes factory should have Certificate, such as ISO 9001,  ISO 13485, CE, FDA, GMP.  We have full certificate to help you open Europe market, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania Market.

3. One qualified wet tissue manufacturer should be able to support both big client, but also small&medium company to do wet wipes.

Ecoeon Technology have lower MOQ to provide the client professional private label printing service and OEM service.

4. The qualified wet wipes maker could provide the customer one-stop purchase service.

Ecoeon have a professional logistic team provide the customer Sea Shipping, Air shipping,  DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT Express shipping.  which help to solve shipping issues.  Door to Door delivery service.

5. Except for multi-pack wet wipes, one quality wet wipes supplier should be also able to do individually wrapped wet wipes and wet wipes in canister or wet wipes in tub. Ecoeon Technology could produce any packaging as customer's requirement.

If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!