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Toilet and Cancer, Disinfectant Wipes

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Toilet and Cancer, Disinfectant Wipes


Some stuff was long-term placed in the toilet which should caution cancer!  But Disinfectant wipes can save you.

The bathroom is a important place in your house. we take a bath, do the toilet manners in the bathroom . But, you should know what items placed in the bathroom we often put in, but should not put it? These items all contain carcinogens, and we live with every day, you will get cancer if you ignore that danger factor.  Now let we check the details as below

1. Unqualified  toilet paper

Toilet paper in general will add a fluorescent whitening agent, and talc, the more white color , the more chemical added.
These additives contain more carcinogens benzene.
toilet paper
If you use poor quality toilet paper and you may be exposed to formaldehyde, long-term contact with the skin of these substances, that is likely to cause cancer.

2. Chemical fragrances

In order to avoid unpleasant odors appeared in the toilet, many people are used to place the chemical fragrances in the bathroom, so that the aroma replace odor.
Chemical fragrances

However, these  chemically synthesized aroma comes, they will be evaporated accumulate in the bathroom, in the bathroom with hot shower, which produces toxic it stronger.

3. Wasted and used paper in the garbage

This is very convenient, but put in the used toilet paper in the basket that will greatly increase the speed of bacteria, so the bathroom become  a breeding ground for the virus and the source of infection.
Used toilet paper in the trash basket

General toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet directly with water, if it is difficult to flush hygiene items, you can bring their with plastic bags and take out of the toilet then throw away outdoor.

4. Foams,bubble things

Indeed it can relax the body and make you comfortable, but the bubble bath foams  is not healthy if you used them frequently.
Foam and bubble

It contains flavoring agents may cause skin irritation, dizziness;

Lying in the bath for a long time to make physical contact with a foam, which contains harmful chemicals "foam stabilizers" will penetrate into the skin and into the lungs to breathe.

5. Wooden bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinet is a common bathroom furniture, such as wood, plastic and stainless steel   For the wooden bathroom cabinet, although it looks like upscale beautiful;
Wooden bathroom cabinet

However, if the cabinet panels, which will continue to glue volatile carcinogenic formaldehyde; even the wood also absorbs water easily made up deformed.

Summary: I did not expect these common items inside the bathroom, actually contain carcinogens, and quickly throw these items from your home go!

Everyone needs the bathroom, so each family bathroom is essential. But the bathroom is the most likely to breed bacteria which you should know what happened in the bathroom.   What things you can not put the in bathroom? For the health of the whole family, check it out!

Let us talk the bathroom happened easily that we ignore those habits -

1. Toothbrush close to the flush toilet

The study found that when flush the toilet the instant the highest cyclone can be bacteria or microorganisms to 6m high in the air, and suspended in the air for several hours, and then landed a toothbrush, rinsing mug on.

flush toilet
Secondly, when used accidentally fell in the toilet and cause blockage, severe dredge must be disassembled in order to completely resolve, bring life unnecessary trouble.

Recommendation: Had better not to brush on the toilet, because the moist environment are more likely to breed bacteria. It should be placed in a dry ventilated place, to reduce the "disease from the mouth" chance.

2. The towels are not out expose under the sun
Many people do not have the habit of drying towels, Just leave the wet towel to dry itself in the bathroom,  and take a shower next time and continue to use it.
moist towel
In fact, the structure of the fabric of towel which is a great place for the bacteria,  it is easy to cause health problems .

Recommendation: After daily use, dry the towel under the sun.
In addition, Disinfect the towel by high-temperature each month.

1. Toothbrush in the bathroom

Almost every household toothbrush is placed in the bathroom. But scientists point out, this is very unhealthy. According to a survey USA Quinnipiac University shows that no matter how you clean your toothbrush may have 60% of the faecal contamination.

This is not the most frightening, if you share the bathroom with others, these droppings 80% also from other people.

Per square centimeter of the bathroom toilet had about 100,000 bacteria. And, in the bathroom he found bacteria has reached 19 kinds, including E. coli, the most common skin bacteria, they are mostly located in the ground, on the toilet and hand contact more places.

In the flush toilet, these bacteria will rise and then fall down the stream, and finally covered the entire bathroom, if you put the toothbrush in the toilet, we can imagine, how much they will be coated with bacteria.

2. The razor blade

If you put it in the bathroom, humid environment will cause the blade to rust oxidation. I remember them with the package sealed, re-find a place to put away.

3. Cosmetics

Skin care products, cosmetics contain a lot of protein, prone to mildew when wet.

And some glass bottles with metal cover, metal cover after damp rust, corrode help care products, cosmetics, make it bad. Therefore, the toilet is not suitable for wet storage of skin care products and cosmetics.

In addition, the makeup brush should be avoided on the toilet. Because when you flush the toilet with a water spray to the bacteria, easy to stick on a makeup brush.

Even if you put it in a drawer, humid environment can still make it dirty. Because the moisture in the air will help the growth of bacteria and even mold.

4. Perfume

If you put too long in the bathroom, even if it is even the best perfume may also emit a nauseating stench.

Because steaming hot shower caused perfume will sour. The best way is, after used perfume every day, back to the box lid, then put in the drawer less sunlight.

5. Condoms

Condoms can not be stored in a humid environment, if too wet, condoms are perishable. Therefore, the best on the bed, convenient and insurance.

6. Contraceptives

Because the bathroom heat and temperature fluctuations will make birth control pills, ibuprofen and other drugs fail. Drugs must be stored at lower temperatures, dry environment, away from the stove, sink and water heaters, and other places.

Summary: These things can not put in the original toilet , if your toilet have these things, then quickly take out and find a new safe place to put it!

After these horrible truth,  We can help you and save the potential danger.

Just need one disinfectant wet wipes,  it will kill 99% bacteria and virus on the stuff surface.   There is convenient travel individually packed and multi-pack disinfectant wet wipes for options.

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