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Why do you need us if you are looking a vendor of wet wipes?

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Why do you need us if you are looking a vendor of wet wipes?


Why do you need us when you are looking for wet wipes?

Everyone want to keep them clean and healthy. That is why we need one wet wipes to keep ourselves away from any stains, contaminant, dirty things.
The competition is intense for the market of wet wipe. The price is much different from two company. Why dose same wet wipes have different price? Whose moist wipe is really good? Who are doing some cheat on the moist wipes quality? Today, let us find some inside story for you.

First, Let we talk about the inner wipe fabric. Usually, there are 20 kinds of spunlace non-woven fabric which is made to moist wipe. The key point is the gram weight of the fabric and the fabric itself. Some company used the recyclable spunlace non-woven fabric to make the wet wipe, so the cost will be much cut by using this recyclable material. That is why they can sell the customer with cheaper price. But there is potential healthy problem by selling this recyclable spunlace nonwoven fabric. We never use the low-price non-woven to produce the wet wipes. Especially, for the medical use, personal hygiene care use.

Second, the formula will be another point that you can do some cheating on the price. You may find out the ingredient of most wet wipe is almost the same. Yes, most company bought same formula from one company, it can help them to reduce cost, but we have our own technical team to research different formula for different wet wipes, that is why our wet wipe own better cleansing ability than others. The customer should not only care about the price, you should care more the quality things.

Third, the package is also another important thing. Creative and beautiful pack design which is always attractive for customer. No one like ugly package. If you want to work with us, we can offer you nice package design to make you satisfied with the façade and help your sales to win outstanding market.

Lastly, most customer want to do the their own branding printing/private label service. It can help them to improve the company visibility and let more people to know about the brand/company culture. Most manufacturer ask the customer to do private label with big order quantity. The customer don’t order too much moist wipes in the first time, But we can do much smaller order quantity with same private label service. What are you waiting for? Welcome to inquiry us to know more about wet wipe with private label service. We will be the best supplier that you are looking for. We produce and supply different kinds of moist wipes for different application.
We offer you private label service for different package.
We offer you one-stop international purchase service in our company.

Welcome to inquiry us and get one free samples.


If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!