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Market Analysis Of Private Label wet wipes

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Market Analysis Of Private Label wet wipes


Market analysis Private Label wet wipes

More and more Europe and the US consumers trend to buy their private label brand products reported by Nielsen, a market-research 
firm. According to a report in recent years since the summer, private label brand sales has been increased by 12% in large shopping 
malls supermarkets, chain room, sales, and total sales amount reached $85 billion in the year and the market share has risen to over 
23%, and this trend will continue. According to a new Roper poll, more than 60% of shoppers said, they often buy private label branded products, than just 40% three years ago. Eighty percent of consumers believe that the brand even superior than national 
brands, nearly 20% of consumers was expected that they will buy more brands in the next few years.
Due to private label brand saves a lot of intermediate link, and through the economies of scale to reduce the cost, private label brand products usually obtain with advantages of low price and high quality. In Europe and the United States, own-brand products often 30% lower than the same goods prices generally. In China, domestic prices of own brand are often 10% to 20% lower than similar products. So proper use of price and cost advantage, would ensure an impregnable position in the competitive market.

Secondly, the private label brand should highlight its characteristics of "low price with high quality" to win the battle of high quality. It has proved that consumer is getting more and more mature and rational, in order to occupy the market, the only real 

advantage is low price with high quality. Therefore, the good quality and consistent cooperation relationship with manufacturers is another key to the competition.

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