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  • Red multi use  Degreasing Nonwoven Roll Wipes

    Red Multi-Functional Industrial Cleaning Wipes

    Red Multi-Functional Industrial Cleaning Wipes The multi use red cleaning wipe is good to clean any kinds of surface. It is good for household cleaning and the industrial professionally cleansing. It is roll wipe.

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  • Blue Industrial Degreasing Nonwoven Wipes

    Blue Powerful Degreasing Industrial Wipes

    Cleanroom Dust Free Laser Cut Blue Industrial Spunlace Nonwoven Wipes It is a blue color spunlace non-woven industrial cleaning wipe. The blue wipes have very good Absorbent and can effectively remove oil and dust. The blue wiper is very Soft and will not scratch the surface while cleaning.

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  • Powerful Industrial Degreasing Wipes

    White Powerful Degreasing Wipes

    Clean room Dust Free Laser Cut White Powerful Degreasing Wipes It is a nice degreasing wiper. Very good liquid absorbency and Very soft material. It is recommended to cleaning all kinds of industrial device and equipment, printer, household, e.t.c

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  • Industrial Polyester wipes

    Lint Free Clean room 100% Polyester Wipes

    Clean room Dust Free Laser Cut Industrial Polyester Wipes The cleanroom Polyester wiper is made by the 100% polyester fiber with a special treatment continuous weaving. The polyester has lighter weight, better aspiration, lower the amount of dust, at an affordable price to provide high-quality products. It can be applied in all kinds of clean room environment and device.

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  • 6*6 Dust free Microfiber cleaning wipes

    High Quality Laser Cut LintFree Microfiber Wipes

    High Quality Laser Cut Dust Free Microfiber Wipes This dust free microfiber wipes can be used to clean sensitive surfaces, the microfiber wiper have the low dust and without dropping fibers while the cleaning friction. The wiper have very good water absorption and cleaning efficiency.

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  • Microfiber Lens cleaning wipe

    Cleanroom Class 100 Microfiber Wipe

    Reusable Lens Cleaning Microfiber Cloths This clean room microfiber wipe have strong liquid and oil absorbency and strong cleansing effect. It is very good for cleaning the sensitive surface of Lens, glass, mirror, e.t.c

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  • Microfiber Lens cleaning wipe

    Sensitive Surface Cleaning Microfiber Cloths

    Reusable Lens Cleaning Microfiber Cloths This Microfiber wiper is made of by tiny micro fiber. It is a nice clean room wipe.   Very good absorbency and Strong detergency. The microfiber material is very soft.  It is good for cleaning all kinds of lens, glass, mirror surface, sensitive surface without any scratching.

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  • Suede Lens cleaning wipes

    Suede Lens Cleaning Cloths

    Reusable Suede Lens cleaning cloths It is a lint free suede lens wipe. The super soft material of the suede wiper make sure no scratching the surface of Lens or glass.

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  • Suede Lens cleaning cloths

    Microfiber Suede Lens Cleaning Wipes

    Reusable Suede Lens cleaning wiper It is a suede lens cleaning wiper. It was designed for a dry and reusable cleaning cloths for all kinds of Lens and glasses cleansing. It is a lint free wiper.

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