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Cleanroom Class 100 Microfiber Wipe


Cleanroom Class 100 Microfiber Wipe

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Product Detail

Class 100 Cleanroom Microfiber Wipe

The Clean room Microfiber cleaning cloth is made of ultra fine and tenacious fibers woven with superior organizational structure, the material of the cloth is very soft and tough and which does not damage and scratch the surface.   The microfiber wipe have the advantages of low low dust content.


Due to the microfiber ultra thin strong structure, It is great for dust collection with maximum effect.

1.Multi-shaving effect (multiple curettage and effects),

A normal thick single fibers micro-it can be turned into good hundreds of Superfine fiber, so the microfiber wiper       have much better cleaning effect compared with common wipe.

2.Wide-contact effect (wide area effect),

The fiber is coarse and bending rigidity, so fabrics float with the small contact area of the object, whereas small and    soft Microfiber Flex-rigid (faux silk) fabric floating point and large contact area of the object, It is powerful                  for cleaning by the microfiber wipe.

3.Inner-trapeffect (peeling effect),

The microfiber wipe is made of ultra fine fibers made of wipe cloth, after the blowing dirt, dirt will migrate along the    fibers of the capillary out of the channel, was peeling effect, so no residue wipe the dirt surface of the cloth, so it        will not cause scratches the sophisticated product.

4. Long life, Super absorbent (faux silk), do not cause surface wear during use.

5. Dust less, ion releasing less wipe effect cloth more than 10 times higher than the average.

6. Four-sided laser edge, is different from the General heat sealing, ultrasonic edge the edge of cloth, wipe the fibre       dust than normal heat sealing, ultrasonic edge cloth less.

Specification And Advantage

1. The knitted Microfiber clean room wipe is made by the fiber-knit polyester-nylon.

2. The wipe is 4 edge trimming by laser or ultrasonic , and the heat sealing technology to effectively prevent dust and fibers scattered when you use the wipe.  It is perfect for use in the clean room fields.

3. The microfiber wipe is washed in the 18 Megohm deionized water to ensure the wipe match the high cleanliness        level. We can offer you class 100 type and class 1000 type for option.

4. Produced and Packed the microfiber wiper in the class 10 clean room (ISO class 4) factory.

5. The clean room microfiber wiper has the excellent water and oil absorption, ultra low Ionic contaminants and             particles residue compared with the other general cleaning wipes.

6. Our wipe have the better flexibility and ability to prevent surface scratches compared with the common microfiber    wipe in the market.

7. We strict implementation of the quality management system to ensure continuous product quality stability.

8. The wiper is suitable for 10-100 clean and dust-free cloth absorbent and abrasion-proof of a very demanding             environment.

9. Wipe size:   4×4 inch,  6×6 inch, 9×9 inch, 12×12 inch, 16×16 inch for option. 

    Welcome to customized size and packing.

 Part Number  Description  Gram Weight   Packing  Purity Level
 GP-2009T-4 4"× 4“ MF Wipes 200g/㎡  400pcs/bag Class 100 
 GP-2009T-6 6"× 6“ MF Wipes    200g/㎡    100pcs/bag  Class 100  
 GP-2009T-9 9"× 9“ MF Wipes  200g/㎡  100pcs/bag  Class 100  
 GP-2009T-12  12"× 12“ MF Wipes 200g/㎡  100pcs/bag  Class 100  


Double packing design for the microfiber wipes.

One inner PE/PO bag for packing,  Outer printing bag to make sure the inner bag not damaged in the transportation.

Standard Packing




The wipe is good for the semiconductor production line, microelectronic production lines, semiconductor assembly lines, disc drives the boat, composite, LCD display table, lines, precision instruments, optical products, aerospace industry, PCB products, medical equipment, laboratory clean room production line.

1, touch screen,

2, chips, microprocessors and other semiconductor production line ,

3, semiconductor assembly lines,

4, disc drives, composite,

5. LCD display products,

6, precision instruments, 

7. optical lens products, 

8. aviation industry.

 Lens microfiber cleaning wiper


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Cleanroom Class 100 Microfiber Wipe

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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!