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Magic Instant Cooling Towels


Magic Instant Cooling Towels

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Product Detail

Quick-dry Microfiber Magic Instant Cooling Towels


What is instant cooling towels?

It is a new patented creative towels.   The cooling towels provide the user instantly cooling effect without any chemicals,  The magic and secret part is just based on the the towels' new unique construction. 

The feature and science behind the cooling towel which is based on the principles of nature evaporation.

Quick dry microfiber Instant cooling towels


  • Instant Cooling effect in seconds
  • 100% natural and safe, Chemical free
  • All purpose use 
  • Reusable after wash
  • Compatible with normal-temperature and cold water

Towel size:  30*80 cm and 30*100 cm for options

Color: Blue/green/pink/yellow/purple or customized

Weight: 160 gsm

Providing the private label service

How it work? How to use ?

1. Saturate towel with water before use, and squeeze out excess

2. Shake the towel in air to activate

3.Apply to the heated body area

4.Cooling last for hours.

How to use cooling towels

Instant Cooling towels

Cooling principle is just use of polymer fiber physical structure itself, take away the heat at the surface while the water molecule volatilization, reduce the body's temperature and achieve the cool effect. Tested by world-renowned institution HOHENSTEIN Institute test results show that the production of towels apathetic material fiber blends three distinct functions, To ensure high-absorbent towels and efficient drainage evaporation. Hollow fiber yarn of chemical free, absorbs moisture, high ambient temperature after Shake the liquid water into steam, water vapor flow in the hollow fibers, the fibers by heat exchange surface temperature decreases, directly attached to the skin can be reduced 30% of the skin surface temperature, using a cold towel does not feel stuck, unsaturated, dry and comfortable. Because the cooling sensation substances towels are chemecial free, instead of using the three-tier structure of the physical principles of refrigeration, it is able to maintain long-lasting cooling sensation.

What can it do? Why do you need it?

Thanks to the instant cooling towel, now people can protect themselves from heatstroke, cooling and protecting the eyes and skin through a physical method in a hot Summer. The cooling towel will be great substance who like to do sports . It can quickly take away sweat, leaves only coolness and comfort,  and balancing your body temperature degree during exercise.                                     The Instant cooling towel is also a good helper against fever, physical cooling aids to the burn,  it can play a temporary cooling hemostasis when the people feel after exercise.
The cooling towel is very simple to use, just wet with water at room temperature, light twist, Shake, then the towel get cooling effect to you immediately.

This cooling towel is strongly recommended to use in below activities:
Sports, Gym, Travelling, Outdoor working, Cycling, Playing Golf, Camping, Cooking, Playing Basketball/Football/Baseball and other Outdoor sports

Application of the cooling towels

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Magic Instant Cooling Towels

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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!