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Lint Free Screen Cleaning Microfiber Wipes


Lint Free Screen Cleaning Microfiber Wipes

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Product Detail

Lint Free Class 100 Cleanroom Microfiber Wipe

The Clean room Microfiber cleaning cloth is made of ultra fine and tenacious fibers woven with superior organizational structure, the material of the cloth is very soft and tough and which does not damage and scratch the surface.   The microfiber wipe have the advantages of low low dust content.

The clean room microfiber wiper is usually trimmed by the laser or ultrasound which make sure the wiper have perfect edge  and so it can be used to clean sensitive surfaces, the microfiber wiper have the low dust and  without dropping fibers while the cleaning friction, the wiper have very good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Ther wiper is washed by the 18 MΩ EDI ultrapure water, Packed in the most advanced 100 clean room.

Four sides of the wiper is cut by laser or ultrasonic make sure the wiper have the low ion release the amount of cleaning products. And the wiper will not leave lint particles and wipe, strong decontamination ability.

The wiper is very soft and will not damage the surface.

Microfiber wiper is recommended to use these fields

Semiconductor production line chips, microprocessors, aviation manufacturing and maintenance, laboratory, electronic industry, computer assembly, optical instrument manufacturing, LCD liquid crystal display, precision instruments, optical products and circuit board production lines; especially suitable for capacitive screen, the semiconductor industry, Electronic industrial production 10 -100 purification plant.

Size of wiper

Microfiber wiper can be divided according to size: 4 "* 4",  6 "* 6",  9 "* 9" ,12 "* 12" and a variety of sizes.

But also according to customer requirements or specifications to make the customized size and wiper for the worldwide client.

 Part Number  Description  Gram Weight   Packing  Purity Level
 GP-2009K-4 4"× 4“ MF Wipes 200g/㎡  400pcs/bag Class 100 
 GP-2009K-6 6"× 6“ MF Wipes    200g/㎡    100pcs/bag  Class 100  
 GP-2009K-9 9"× 9“ MF Wipes  200g/㎡  100pcs/bag  Class 100  
GP-2009K-12  12"× 12“ MF Wipes 200g/㎡  100pcs/bag  Class 100 

Type of Edge Trim of the Microfiber wiper

    A. Laser cutting: laser instantaneous high temperature melt off, Edge does not produce lint crumbs phenomenon better, do cleaning and other clean cut finish processing, so that products meet high standards of clean, economical and practical edge market approach .

    B. Ultrasonic Edge: through vibration ultrasonic vibrating unit group (vibrator) produced (let electric energy into mechanical energy), through HORN (horn) transfer heat, then squeezed off the fabric by the tool, the Edge is currently Clean cloth cutting the most perfect manner a good edge and side effects are not hard, but the high cost of such a cutting mode, so now only the high Swiss products will be chosen.

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Double packing design for the microfiber wipes.

One inner PE/PO bag for packing,  Outer printing bag to make sure the inner bag not damaged in the transportation.

Standard Packing



 Lens microfiber cleaning wiper


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Lint Free Screen Cleaning Microfiber Wipes

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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!