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Happy 2018 ! The Year of the Dog Celebration

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Happy 2018 ! The Year of the Dog Celebration


Happy Chinese New Year of 2018,  The Year of the Dog

The Chinese Spring Festival will come on 2018-02-16 this year.    It will be the year of the dog of 2018.

Usually, Nearly all Chinese people will go back to hometown with their family together to celebrate the Spring Festival from the thousand s of miles away workplace in different city or different province in China.   The Chinese New Year is most important festival in China.  And people stay home to celebrate the holiday for 7-14 days, so most factory and company may close for holiday during these days.    Family members and Friends will visit each other to celebrate the holiday,   People drink wine, beer and have big meal everyday during the holiday.    What a big party in China everywhere.

Ecoeon Technology Co., Ltd found one interesting things, People use more wet wipes in holiday.   People use more surface cleaning wet wipes  because they need clean the house and furniture during holiday,   People need clean their mouth and hands after meal,  so they need hand and facial wet wipes,    People use more travel pack wet wipes because they need drive to their friends home,  Girls use more makeup remover wet wipes because they need keep themselves pretty and clean every day,    People use more toilet use wet wipes,  Mothers use more baby wipes and feminine wet wipes.      You always need one kinds of wet wipes product to keep yourself clean and health during the holiday.    Be nice to yourself and use more wet wipes product in 2018.

Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd appreciate each of our client/customer in the past 2017, we thank you all the support on our wet wipes business.   we believe we can provide you better wet wipes product and great private label service in 2018,  Help our client to expand their wet wipes business in 2018.

Thanks All.

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Cleanwetwipes Team

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