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Truth words come from Mothers about the baby wipes

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Truth words come from Mothers about the baby wipes


Truth words come from Mothers about the baby wipes

We have one new born baby last month.   Everthing is changing because of him.  We are still learning to how take care of this tiny man.

I need help him to change the diaper for 5-8 times at least every day.   I need fine one good solution to escape he gets the diaper rash.

That means I should use some cloth or towel to clean the butt every time after the poo.   Many people recommend us the baby wet wipes will be the best choice of butt cleansing.  That is correct and smart advice.  Baby wet wipes are disposable wipes,  You need use 3-5pieces of wet wipes for chaning a diaper.  Just make sure clean every area totally. but how to choose the right baby wipes?   I want to share with you about my experience.

Baby wipes will be intimate products for your baby. they will be scrupping on the baby skin for 10-20 times one day.that is a lot use.

1. So you will need one big count baby wipes such as 70counts/bag, 80pcs/bag, or even 100pcs/bag.   No need too big bag as 200wipes/bag,  because baby wipes may be polluted once you open the bag and didn't use up in short time.  So the 70-100pcs package amount will be best choice.   Of course you will need one travel pack baby wipes with 10-20counts each bag when you outdoor.

2. The ingrdient of the baby wipe is important as well.   I think the baby wipes contain a lot natural plant/flower extract which will be safe and healthy to use on your babies.   some people may like use pure water baby wipes,  I don't think it the best choice, because you need some plant extract to help the baby skin to get right safeguard, some plant or flower extract could help the damaged skin to get quick recover.

3. The fabric material is also one essential to help you to choose right baby wipes.    Of course, we recommend you the Eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable fabric material, Just for the principle of protecting our Earth . the expense is that baby wipes with these eco-friendly fabric material may be a little higher price.  but it is fine to acceptable.  Back to the point, most baby wipes material are made with spunlace nonwoven fabric which made with rayon and polyester fiber, it is regular and reasonable choice.   It is fine and safe to use as well,  but don't flush the baby wipes in the toilet directly, Throw them in the bin instead even if the printing words on the bag that said this wipes is flushable.  Don't ask why,  just to proect the city's sewer syesterm.

4. You may found there is different opening design of baby wipes,  some wet wipes with one Hard plastic lid opening way,  other have one resealable sticker opening way, that is not a problem,  Just choose one style that you like.

5. What wipe size is best for the baby wipes?   Frankly,   The wipe size 15x20cm(5.9x7.9inch) is big enough for using. It is just disposable wipe,  Obviously, you can't use only one bigger wipe size to clean the baby's butt, you need several pieces at least, right?

Bigger wipe size cost you more.

6. You need wet wipes heater if you live in some place the winter is long and cold.   Don't use the cold wet wipes directly on your baby skin.  You could use some hot water and soak the wet wipes in if you don't have one wet wipes heater, it will be one good solution as well and help you to save money of the heaters.

Here, we share with everyone about our advice of baby wipes.

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