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Blue Spotless Industrial Wipes


Blue Spotless Industrial Wipes

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Product Detail

Boxed Blue Spotless Industrial Wipes


Color: Blue

Wiper Size: 300mm * 350mm

Packing: 300pcs / box,   6 boxes / carton

Wipes Features

Toughness, Lint free, soft texture, strong High absorbent,  wet and dry use, Heavy oil absorption, suitable for heavy oil dust surface wipe, soft texture, not scratch the surface of the object/equipment.


● In dry and wet conditions have excellent tensile strength (polyester fibers effect) 

● Excellent performance aspiration (wood effect)

● excellent solvent resistance 

● No glue or chemical additives 

● Low dust amount (not easy to fluff, crumbs)

    1. Absorbent, and can effectively remove oil

    2. Soft and will not scratch the surface

    3. Point off type of processing, easy to use tear monolithic

    4. Add water, cleaning agents, better cleaning effect

    5. Decontamination capability, resistance to wear pull;

    6. Use with a variety of solvents, can not litter, do not fade;



● Designed for general clean environment (low cost). 

● Suitable for high-absorbent, low amount of dust required

● Able to handle spills wipe pollution 

● Suitable for high-strength, such as machinery and equipment, mold, automobiles, ships, aircraft, etc.

● Integrated circuit board manufacturing machine.

● Precision instrument manufacturing, vehicle maintenance, etc.

● Mechanical assembly and maintenance, clean car maintenance plant oil, the automobile painting, screen printing        and the like;

● The oil processing stations, ships, aircraft cabin maintenance, printing ink clean-up.

This cleaning wipes is great used for Heavy oil cleansing, mechanical assembly and maintenance use, mechanical products, laboratory and other chemical agents, reagents, solvent removal wipe, SMT printing, machinery and equipment assembly and other industries are applicable.






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Blue Spotless Industrial Wipes

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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!