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Private Label For The Flushable moist wipes

2017-06-22 10:52:13

We are a Four-Star Hotel. We always pursue to offer the client high valued customer service and hotel living experience. We care every detail in the hotel, even the napkin and toilet paper. We know there are more American client prefer the wet wipes in the room or in the toilet. More customer told us that they wish we can offer them refreshing wet wipes or Toilet Flushable Wet Wipes in the room. Because wet wipe is easy to use and own better cleansing effect.


We seriously treat this question. Our purchase team are working on this project these days.

After 3 months market research, we found that most wet wipes in the market which are made of non-woven fabric, this material can not be flushable directly in the toilet, besides, it is not biodegradable fibre material. We care more environment protection things as well. The project was delayed until we found one company called Ecoeon Technology Co.,Ltd.


Yes, this company could offer us great flushable moist wipes for different application. Such as hand/facial sanitizing wet wipes, restaurant wet wipes, Disinfectant/Antibacterial Wet Wipes for room cleansing,Toilet Flushable Wipes.


All these wet wipes are made of flushable fabric material. It is safe and convenient to use for every customer in our hotel. All customer spoke highly of that wet wipes.

Here we strongly recommend these wet wipes manufacturer/supplier. You will have a great cooperation with this company if you want to place a order of wet wipes to them.

They can offer you private label service for any wet wipes on their website.

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