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Mind your hand— Ecoeon front line defender hand wipes

2016-09-13 09:43:20
Humans are very unique creature, superior intelligence with outstanding action made us the dominator of this planet. Among all of our important body part, hands always play the practical role, as they always the first one to reach out to this corporeal world. Thus we need to protect our hands by all means.

I assume you might encounter these kind of situations; greasy hands by fixing car, oily hands by eating a big feast, paint all over hands while refurnishing your house, e.t.c Hands as a pioneer always take the front line. So we need to take great care of them as we take care of the rest of the body. We Ecoeon provides Hand Sanitizing wipes with gentle texture and efficient and nonirritating formula to kill Germs, bacteria. Defend every possible harm to your body.

Try us, let us defend the life for you.

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