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  • Inkpad cleaning wet wipes

    Inkpad Remover Cleaning Wipes

    The Inkpad remover cleaning wet wipes This Ink-pad remover cleaner is good to clean your finger. The wipe is moisten by 75% alcohol. We recommend it to use in the school, Law office, Court, Bank,Hospital,Company, hotel, e.t.c It is a very nice Ink-pad cleaner and wiper for you.

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  • Nail polish remover cleaning wet wipes

    Individually Wrapped Nail Polish Wipes

    Individually wrapped Nail Polish Remover wipes The Nail polish remover cleaning wet wipe is easy to remove the painting and color on the Nail. It is individually packed wet wipe,  one wipes could clean 8-10 nails. No need small size of nail polish remover wipes any more. Save your money and offer you clean and healthy nail.

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  •  cosmetic makeup remover cleaning wipe

    Makeup Remover Cleaning Biodegradable Wipes

    Makeup remover cleaning wipes The makeup remover cleaning wet wipe is easy to remove the makeup cosmetic residue. Moisturizing for the face skin. No irritation on the skin.

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  • Powerful Degreasing cleaning wipes

    Powerful Degreasing Cleaning Wipes

    Degreasing cleaning wet wipes It is very easy to remove the greasing on the engine, leather, dashboard in the car. No residue after cleaning. Fast dry and , streak free.

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  • Adhesive remover alcohol cleaning cloth

    Adhesive Remover Alcohol Cleaning Wet Wipes

    Adhesive remover alcohol cleaning wet wipes It is moisten by 70% or 100% alcohol solution. It is multi surface antibacterial wipe for car interior.

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  • Industrial Polyester wipes

    Lint Free Clean room 100% Polyester Wipes

    Clean room Dust Free Laser Cut Industrial Polyester Wipes The cleanroom Polyester wiper is made by the 100% polyester fiber with a special treatment continuous weaving. The polyester has lighter weight, better aspiration, lower the amount of dust, at an affordable price to provide high-quality products. It can be applied in all kinds of clean room environment and device.

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  • Jumbo roll Industrial Wipes

    Jumbo Rolls industrial Wipes

    High Quality Jumbo Rolls Wood Pulp Polypropylene Industrial Wipes for Automotive Cleaning The wipe is made by the 55% Wood Pulp & 45% Polyester Fabric. It is Jumbo roll towels wipes, Each wipe is perforated in advance. and the wipe is extra strong, durable, softness. It is a Multipurpose cleaning wipe.

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  • ReFreshing Wet Wipes in Ring Pull Can

    Wet Wipes In Ring Pull Can

    It is mini wet wipes packed by ring-pull can. Multipack mini wet wipes for disinfection and cleansing use.

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  • Pocket mini wet wipes

    Makeup Remover Wet Wipes In Mini Box

    It is  mini pocket makeup remover wet wipes. Use for cleaning hand and face, makeup remover wet wipes

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  • Adhesive Tape Remover wipes

    Adhesive Tape Remover Wet Wipes

    It is a great eliminate glue cleaning wet wipes.    It is a great adhesive tape remover pad. Easy to remove the glue or adhesive residue on the surface,  Fast clean and quickly dry wet wiper. Individually wrapped package design.

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  • Hair Color remove wet wipes

    Hair Color Remover Wipes

    It is a professional hair color remover moist wipes. This wipe is easy to remove the stain on the ear,neck and face. Safe to use and fast clean.

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  • Makeup Remover Biodegradable Wet Wipes

    Makeup Remover Cleansing Wet Wipes

    Makeup Remover Cleansing Wet Wipes offer the user gently cleansing and makeup removal on the skin. Moisturizing the skin and keep your skin PH-Balanced,Delaying skin aging and help to reduce skin wrinkles. The pre-moisten wet wipes is ultra soft to clean on the skin, Make the user feel fresh after cleansing.

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