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Yoga Mat Cleaning Wet Wipes

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Yoga Mat Cleaning Wet Wipes


Yoga Mat Cleansing Wipes

Most beauty girls and women like do yoga for body fitness. It is really a good thing.

The yoga practitioner usually take off the shoes and use the yoga mat everyday,   that means the yoga mat is daily use thing and it should be keep clean and hygiene.   and the mat is big and you can't put them in the washing machine to do laundry ,  and the yoga mat may be get damaged and be out of shape easily.     So the best thing is dry wash for this mat.     Now you need one great yoga mat cleansing wet wipes.

The Ecoeon Technology's  multi use antibacterial wet wipes could help the user to clean and disinfect the yoga mat easily and quickly.

The wet wipe have strong and fast disinfecting effect ,  it could kill the 99.9% germs and fungi in minutes.    The soft wipe material could protect the mat surface.    Besides,  you can use the wet wipes to clean your body and face, hand,  it refresh you and remove the sweat.

Wet wipe is necessary for one Yoga practitioner.

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