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Why do you need one hand sanitizing Wet Wipes?

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Why do you need one hand sanitizing Wet Wipes?


Why do you need one hand sanitizing Wet Wipes? 

It is an unfortunate fact that bacteria and germs are everywhere. Recent outbreaks of conditions such as swine flu and community based MRSA in the past several years have underscored the importance of proper hygiene and of taking steps to stay healthy. One key step to avoid becoming ill as a result of the germs and bacteria around you is to properly clean your hands. This is especially important before touching your nose, mouth or eyes, or any other part of your body that is more permeable for germs to pass through.

Unfortunately, the importance of regularly cleaning your hands is well known, it is not always possible for people to stop what they are doing and to wash their hands. This is where items such as wet wipes can be invaluable. Wet wipes allow for people to clean and sanitize their hands from anywhere. The wet wipes can be antibacterial and can be used on your hands (hand wipes) or on a variety of different surfaces (surface wipes) that get touched regularly.
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