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Premium Shoe Cleaning Wipes With Private Label

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Premium Shoe Cleaning Wipes With Private Label


Premium Shoe Cleaning Wipes

Now People living in the fast-paced City. Time is always tight. You go to work/school in a hurry in the morning. You may have cleaned everywhere before you step out the door, but your shoes must not clean any more when you get back home after several hours. There are many contaminations outdoor, your shoes may take everything away when you walk across in the street. Especially, you should take more care of them when you are wearing a pair of white shoe. So you are very distressed to do the shoe cleansing.

Today you will find one easy and fast way to do the shoe cleaning things by using our Shoe care cleaning moist wipes. You can discard your shoe brush and shoe cream right now. The traditional shoe care cleansing way will take you 10-20 minutes to finish cleaning the shoes, but it will only take you 1-2 minutes for shoe cleaning if you have our shoe cleaning wet wipes. The mini individually wrapped shoe cleaning wipe is a on the go product, you can take several wipes with you anywhere, and you can clean your shoe anytime. Fast cleaning and fast-dry formula make sure you get the easiest cleaning way for the shoes. The shoe wet wipe which is magic to remove the contaminations on the shoe surface so quickly, it is great and safe to use on the shoe surface of the Leather, PU, Fabric, Rubber, Plastic e.t.c

The wet wipe substrate is durable dotted nonwoven fabric. Different fabric side designed for different cleansing, The soft side of the wipe is good for the general cleaning. The other dotted side of the wipe(blue dots) is good for tougher stains and heavy dirty area.
Get one dotted shoe cleaning wipe, No worry for shoe cleaning anymore.
The on-the-go shoe wet wipes is very convenient to use in home and office, outdoor, Welcome to contact us to know more details.
We provide you private label service for this shoe dotted wet wipes.
If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!