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Why do we produce flushable wipes?

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Why do we produce flushable wipes?


Why do we produce and supply flushable wipes?

Today we will talk about the feature of the Flushable Wet Wipes, and the difference compared with the traditional wet wipes.

As we know,  People care more about the environmental issues these years.   Everyone should do something to protect the nature and our Earth. We start to protect the Earth from ourselves.      

The Traditional wet wipe is a great tool for cleaning and disinfection in the daily life. but it may cause some environmental problem if you don't discard after use.    Because the wet wipe is made of non-woven fabric, this fabric material is strong and stable for cleansing,    you should throw it into trash can after use,  but someone think this wet wipe is just like the toilet paper, so they throw it into the toilet and flush it directly.  then problem comes up.   The fabric may block your blowdown pipe.   

Think about that, if we can offer you one Flushable Wet Wipes,  this kind of flushable wipes could resolve itself in short time,  and become particles in the water,  then there will be no blocking problem in the piple or sewer, right?  That is why everyone like the flushable wet wipes right now.

Besides,  we make the flushable wet wipes to be a wet toilet paper now, it is a awesome flushable wipe to care more about the anus.  The user feel cool and comfortable while they are using a flushable toilet paper.

Why don't you enjoy this experience next?

Especially recommend to use for moment such as,  the period, haemorrhoids time, baby butte cleansing.

We are a factory that produce this flushable wipes series product,   High-quality product and professional technical to make sure you get the best shopping service.

We offer private label service for this product.

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