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What can one screen cleaning wipes do ?

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What can one screen cleaning wipes do ?


What one screen cleaning wipes can do?

A low cost, fast, safe screen cleaning solution for everyone.

Check below picture you may met in the daily life.

Screen Wet Wipes

You may be wearing your glasses while you are working in the front of the laptop,  

You may put your smartphone aside with you on the table. 

You may have one Pad near to your computer.  

Everything looks like so wonderful. But you may found there is some fingerprint left on the screen surface after working.   That is a annoying problem for everybody.   then you try to clean the fingerprint by using one tissue/paper right now,  Quickly, it turn out that is bad cleaning solution because of it will leave trace,streak. Now you need one professional cleaning solution for the screen. Luckily,  We had one great offer for you.

Can you image that our individually wrapped screen wet wipes just less than USD 0.3? 

This screen wipe is moistened by our formula solution,  it could easily to remove any fingerprint residue, skin sebum, dust on the screen surface without leave no any streak/strip.    Fast dry and quickly cleansing in 1-2 minutes.    Small outer sachet size 6×9 cm which could make sure you can carry one or two screen wipe with you for cleaning anytime anywhere.  Not only cleaning any screen, but also be used for cleaning the glasses.  One Screen Wet  Wipes could help you solve any screen problem for the laptop, computer,IPAD,Smartphone,Mouse,Glasses.

If you are a wholesales, dealers, importer in the field of screen cleansing business,  you will need us.  We offer customer private label service for any wet wipes

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