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The weakness of the Novel coronavirus COVID-19

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The weakness of the Novel coronavirus COVID-19


The weakness of the Novel coronavirus COVID-19 and how to kill the virus

Recently, As the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pneumonia worldwide , everyone has a certain understanding of the 2019 Novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Knowing the physical and chemical characteristics of the virus, sensitive to ultraviolet rays and heat,
56 ° C for 30 minutes, 100° C in one mintue, ether, 75% alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol, chlorine-containing disinfectant, peracetic acid and chloroform, and other fatty solvents Both can effectively inactivate the conronavirus, chlorhexidine cannot effectively inactivate the coronavirus.  do alcohol wipes kill coronavirus.

COVID-19 novel coronavirus

The best way for you to stop infect with these coronavirus disease that is wearing a facial mask and use disinfecting products such as 75% alcohol wipes to destory the coronavirus COVID-19.

So how does 75% Isopropyl alcohol wipe work ? Does the higher the concentration of alcohol the better the disinfection effect?

The role of alcohol disinfection is to solidify the protein in the bacteria, thereby killing the bacteria.
This is the principle. The disinfection effect depends on the protein solidification in the bacteria.
It is wrong to say that the higher the alcohol concentration, the better the disinfection effect.
The analysis is as follows: Although 95% alcohol can quickly solidify the protein on the surface of the bacteria and form a protective film,
it prevents alcohol from entering the bacteria, so it cannot completely kill the bacteria. If the alcohol concentration is lower than 70%,
although it can enter the bacteria, it can not solidify the protein in the body, nor can it completely kill the bacteria.
Only 70% -75% of alcohol can enter the bacteria smoothly, and it can effectively solidify the protein in the bacteria,
so it can completely kill the bacteria, so 70% -75% of alcohol should be used for sterilization .

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