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How protect yourself from coronavirus COVID-19?

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How protect yourself from coronavirus COVID-19?


How to protect yourself from coronavirus COVID-19?

First,  About the coronvirus COVID-19 itself

The new coronavirus, which is contagious / infectious, has been proven to be human-to-human transmission. "Spread" can be directly spread or transmit.
The incubation period of the virus is usually 3-7 days, with a maximum of 14 days,
but unlike SARS, coronavirus can also spread when there is no symptom during the incubation period. Don't think that the other person feels safe without symptoms.
They may be symptomless virus spreaders. It is for this reason that the prevention and control of this virus is very difficult.

Although intensified testing and research and development, currently there is no cure or vaccine for coronavirus. Infection with the virus can cause respiratory infection or even pneumonia. Symptoms include fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, and so on.

Second, what can you do to protect your and your friends and family from coronavirus?

1. Wearing facial mask,  Don't go the crowed public.

2. Washing hand frequently with soap or disinfectant.

3. Take one pack of 75% alcohol wet wipes with you anythere to sanitize your hands and the touched surface. Killing the virus.

We hope everyone keep safe.

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