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Professional For The 12+Plus Months Baby Wipes


Professional For The 12+Plus Months Baby Wipes

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Product Detail

The 12 months ' elder  baby Skincare Baby Wipes 

Providing the Private label service/Customized brand print service

We are not a online retailer, dealer, but a factory and manufacturer of wet wipes for bulk wholesale.

According to the baby's skin characteristics, We classify the baby skin to be 3 stage:

0 to 6 months, 

6 to 12 months, 

12+ months Age stages.

The 0 ~ 6 months' old baby skin is the most delicate, intense reaction to allergens. The skin is so thin and it is easily damaged by friction. And the baby skin resistance is particularly weak in this period. It is prone to rashes. 

Our milk formula baby wipes can be the perfect solution for this period of baby and solve the series of baby skin problems. 

We suggested that the mother to choose infant wipes by following below Notes:

1. The Baby wipes should be gentle, Soft.    So it will effectively prevent the baby's skin allergies.

2. The wipes material should be natural cotton wipes. The soft cotton protect the baby's skin not be affected due to friction Loss.

3. Formula by the milk rejuvenation lotion, and form a protective film, Enhance your baby's skin resistance, eliminate rashes.

The Baby skin ability of the 6 to 12 months' old is weak as well, The Skin pH is hard to control.   And their skin is very thin and It easily damaged due to friction. 

Our baby formula baby wipes to solve this period of skin problems. 

We recommended that mothers need to pay attention when choosing wipes:

 1. Select wipes neutral PH value, so that the skin could produce a natural protective film.

 2. The natural cotton soft wipe material, Reducing the baby's skin damaged by friction.

The Baby Age old than 12 months' old , 

It is easy to sweat. Baby Skin in this period range is relatively wide. It is easily infection by the different bacteria. 


1. Choosing the baby wipe which is antibacterial.

2. Neutral formula solution for the baby wipes.

Our baby wipes formula Aqua is made by Ultra-pure Hydrostatic water . 

Adding vitamins, Aloe extract, glycerin in the formual. 

The Automatic equipment production for the baby wipes.

It can be safely use with high quality.




You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone.

Professional For The 12+Plus Months Baby Wipes

If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!
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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!