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Personal And Beauty Care Wipes

Personal And Beauty Care Wipes

Personal Care And Beauty Wipes 

We have one Class 100,000 production zone to produce all kinds of personal care and beauty wipes.

That make sure the finished wet wipes to match the medical grade standard.   Safe and easy to use for personal hygiene cleansing.

We worked with many wholesales and dealer, beauty salon in this field these years. 

We produce and supply various types of personal care wipes including Sunless Self tanning wipes,  Makeup Remover cleaning wet wipes,  Face  wipes,  Disinfectant Hand wipes, Nail polish cleaning wipes, Flushable wipes, toilet paper, Women Vagina care wet wipes, Body cleaning wipes, Hygiene wipes,  e.t.c

Single pack and multipack for option.    Fast delivery time and safe payment terms.

Neutral packaging or private label packing for the customer. 

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