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  • Medical alcohol soap wipes

    Disposable Soap Wipes

    Disposable Medical Soap Towelette It is a skin care disinfectant medical baths wipe. It is a fast clean and dry type patient skin care wet wipe. The wipe is moisten by Soap solution.  It is a anti-bacterial and disinfectant medical pads. It is a perfect wipe for the patient who can't take a shower.

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  • Medical antiseptic swabs

    Disposable Medical Antiseptic Wipes

    Disposable Medical Antiseptic Swab It is a wet antiseptic medical wipe for skincare. This antiseptic swab is good for the wound care and regular disinfectant for the skin. External use and single use only.

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  • Nail polish remover cleaning wet wipes

    Individually Wrapped Nail Polish Wipes

    Individually wrapped Nail Polish Remover wipes The Nail polish remover cleaning wet wipe is easy to remove the painting and color on the Nail. It is individually packed wet wipe,  one wipes could clean 8-10 nails. No need small size of nail polish remover wipes any more. Save your money and offer you clean and healthy nail.

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  • The Self Tanning Wet wiper

    The Bronze Self Tanning Wet Wipes

    The Sunless Self Tanning Wet Wipes This Self Tanning wet wipe which is helping you to get a sexy bronze color. Applying this Sunless tanning wet wipes on the skin,   your skin will change after 2-4 hours. Self tan wet wipes for body beauty.  Self taning wipes and tanning lotion for you.This tanning wet wipe is very convenient, easy to use and efficient self tanner product.

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  • The Sunless Tanning Wet Towelette

    The Sunless Self Tanning Wet Towel

    The Sunless Self Tanning Wet Wipes 20pcs This Self Tanning wet wipe which is helping you to get a sexy bronze color. It is bulk packing,  It could apply the neck and back parts. Your skin will change after 2-4 hours.

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  • Pocket size Disinfectant Hand cleaning wet tissues

    Pocket Size Hand Sanitizing Wet Wipes 10pcs

    Lily Hand Sanitizer Cleaning Wet wipes 10pcs It is a tiny size of hand sanitizing cleaning wet wipes. 10pcs each bag

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  • Jumbo roll Industrial Wipes

    Jumbo Rolls industrial Wipes

    High Quality Jumbo Rolls Wood Pulp Polypropylene Industrial Wipes for Automotive Cleaning The wipe is made by the 55% Wood Pulp & 45% Polyester Fabric. It is Jumbo roll towels wipes, Each wipe is perforated in advance. and the wipe is extra strong, durable, softness. It is a Multipurpose cleaning wipe.

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  • Jumbo Rolls Industrial use cleaning cloth

    Jumbo Rolls Industrial Cleaning Wipes

    Jumbo Rolls Automotive Industrial Cleaning Wipes It is Oil Absorption Industrial Polypylene Cleaning Cloth Wiper. The wiper is good for the automotive and industrial cleaning.

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  • Personal Care Disposable Soap Wipes

    Soft Pack Soap Wet Wipes 25pcs

    Neutral Safe Wet Soap Wipes 25pcs/pack It is a bulk packed Alcohol free medical wet soap wipe. This soap wipe is a good wiper for the personal skin care and healthy care. The soap wipe is PH balanced, No harm and irritation to the skin. It is good to clean at Cars, Household life, outdoors, Hotels, motels, office, e.t.c It is a nice hygiene antibacterial soap wipe.

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  • 99 Isopropanol Alcohol moist Wipes

    99 IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Moist Wipes

    The IPA(Isopropyl alcohol) wipes have strong cleaning effect and powerful remove the oil,grease, smearing, dirt.  It is great to use the heavily soiled place. The IPA wipes is Packaged in a individually wrapped bag. Great for cleaning PCB, ATM/POS machine,  Cleaning for the Plastic, Vinyl , Metal surface.

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  • windsheild Anti fog wet wipes

    Super Anti-Fog Wet Wipes For Car Windshield

    Car  Windshield anti- fogging wet tissue 10pcs Per Box It is a professional and super effective anti -fog wet wipe towel for the car windshield,rearview mirror,window glass and headlights. The Anti fogging wet towel will last 90 days once applied. Ensuring a safe drive in a bad weather in heavy traffic. The wet Anti-fog wiper have great anti-fogging effect for the Car Automotive windscreen, car window, train window, rear-view mirror, wing mirror, glasses, spectacles, dressing mirror, bathroom mirror, safety helmet cover, swimming goggles, camera lens, motion/sports camera, video camera lens etc.

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  • Anti fog wet wipes for the mirror

    Anti-Fog Wet Wipes For Mirror And Glasses

    It is a new patented Super Anti-Fog cleaning wet wipe. It is a professional anti fog for all kinds of mirror and glasses, lens. car windshield. Keep the Antifogging coating 90 days long on the applied surface.

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