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Individually packed Windscreen Anti fog wet wipes


Individually packed Windscreen Anti fog wet wipes

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Individually packed Windscreen Anti fog wet wipes

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Are you trouble with the fog problem while driving?

Do you hear about the fog cause the traffic accident?

Do you have the drive experience like below picture?

Do you want to solve the fog problem on the windshield, rearview mirror?

Do you find a great anti-fog wet wipe for your car?  

Good News

Now we got one easy Anti-Fog solution for you. 

Fogging windshield

The car windshield will start to mist suddenly when you are driving on raining day,cold weather.The car window, rearview mirror, car windshields may also be fogging when driving.  It will be very dangerous thing. The fogging may cause terribly traffic accident.  Our Ani-fog wipe will keep you from the fogging problem and help safe driving.

Fogging in the car windshield

And You will also find the bathroom mirror is very fogging after a hot bath.

The digital camera and telescope lenses will fogging and misting when you are working outdoor.and so on. 

At this point, Our Anti-fogging cleaning wet wipe will be easily to solve the fogging problem. The anti fog wet towel could be applied to any glasses inner surface,mirror surface,any transparent things for anti-fog use.  

How to reduce the traffic accident caused by the Fog? 

The Answer is Anti-Fog action.

As we know,  Most of Anti fog product work not for long time.  Maybe keep Anti-fog effect only for 1-2 weeks, even not enough for one week.     

So many people may be tired of doing frequency anti-fog measure. It take you much time and money.

People always want to feel easy to handle all kinds of problem at one time.

We Ecoeon Tech always try to help people to get better life. 

We launched the new patented Anti-fog wet towel wiper for all kinds of glass, glasses, car windshield,window,rearview mirror,  And so on.

Not only easy to use the wet wipe,  but also work for 90 days long.

Performance characteristics of Anti-Fog wet wipe

1, The patented anti-fog liquid is easily applying on the surface of glass, mirrors. Keep long and lasting anti-fogging effect.

2, This anti fog wet wipe can be rapidly wetting and dispersing on the automotive glass surfaces and then fast drying. The drying speed is faster than common anti fogging spray or wet wiper on the market.

3 The anti fog wet wiper also have the high cleanliness, this product is sprayed or wiped on auto glass, largely invisible from the outside, No water mark.

4,The product has a good clean function, can effectively remove the dust on the surface of the glass, resin and grease.

5 This anti fogging wiper has excellent anti-static effect, rubbed glass, resin surface is not easy after vacuuming.

6, Only 2-3 pieces of the anti-fog wet tissue will help you to get good anti-fog cleaner results for 90 days.

7, This product has the super long 90 day's lasting antifog effect, painted the sustainable anti-fog wipe for 12 weeks at a time.

8, The anti fog towel use of all green materials, patented solution, No harm for the human body, the glass,mirror,surface.    It is harmless anti-fog towel.

9. Individually package for each anti fog wet wiper,  Easy to take and store in the car.


How to use our anti-fog wet wipes?  Follow us by 3 steps.

Step 1

Use one dry clean wipe/cloth to clean your inner car windscreen.

Step 2

Opening our Anti-Fog wet wiper package, Take out the wet wipe and apply on the inner side of windscreen, or any inner side of glasses,   mirror surface.       

The painted surface will dry after waiting for 1-2 minutes.  Bigger surface need more wipes.  Usually 2-3 pieces is enough for one windscreen.

Caution:Please use the anti-fog wipe on the inner side of the car windshield, or glasses, not outside.   Mirrors just need outside.

Step 3

Use one dry clean wipe to clean the inner side again.   That is all.

Anti-fog wiper for car windscreen

Anti-fog for glasses


It is a new patented Super Anti-Fog cleaning wet wipe.

Keep the Antifogging coating 90 days long on the applied surface.

The wet Anti-fog wiper have great antifogging effect for the 

car Automotive windscreen, car windshield

car window,train window,

rear view mirror,wing mirror, 



dressing mirror,

bathroom mirror,

safety helmet cover,

swimming goggles, 

camera lens,motion/sports camera, video camera lens.  e.t.c

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Super anti fog wet wipes

Anti-Fog For Below


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Individually packed Windscreen Anti fog wet wipes

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If you have questions or suggestions , please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!