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How to choose the package of the wet wipes?

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How to choose the package of the wet wipes?


How to choose the package of the wet wipes?
As we know, the moist wipes are more and more popular in the life because the feature of its convenience and hygiene and healthy care. You can find any wet wipes for cleaning where you need it. For skin care, for surface cleansing and disinfection, for sanitizing in the daily life, for cleansing in the office and industrial, e.t.c Today we will introduce you how to choose one right package for different moist wipes. We know there is moist wipes packed by bag, canister/container, tub or bucket.
1. For the package of bag.
There is individually wrapped bag and multi-pack for options. Usually, if you need the moist wipes that should be very convenient to use anytime anywhere. The single packed wipes will be a perfect choice. The bag size will be only 5x5cm or 6x9cm so that these mini wet wipes are easy to put in the pocket or handbag. The individually wrapped wipes are widely used for the disposable medical disinfectant and cleansing wipes in hospital, beauty shop and sanitizing wipes in daily life. Some single packed mini wipes are also made to be the disposable screen wipes and lens/glasses wipes, shoe care wipes, e.t.c For the multi-pack wipes, it will be a perfect option for the skin care wipes. Such as makeup remover wipes and refreshing facial and sanitizing hand wipes, baby wipes, pet care of dog/cat wipes, toilet flushable wipes e.t.c The reusable sticker will offer the user multiple cleansing experience.
2. For the package of canister/container

This kinds of packing wet wipes which have more filling capacity than the packing of bag type. And the beauty canister packing will make the wet wipes looks like more tidy and let people feel enjoyable. This kinds of packing will be great use in home or office and the car. The sanitizing hand wipes, all-purpose surface disinfectant wipes, the skin care wipes, the pet care wipes which all be great to do the canister packing for sale.
3. For the package of the tub/bucket

Compared with the packing of canister, actually, there is no big difference between this 2 packing ways. The tub packing is more flat than the canister packing. Different customer like different packing, so the tub packing will offer the user one more option.
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