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Discard the duster cloth, Keep your disinfectant wet wipes

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Discard the duster cloth, Keep your disinfectant wet wipes


Discard the duster cloth, Keep your disinfectant wet wipes

People always keep several pieces of duster cloth in home. You can easily find one duster clothe in the kitchen, in the living room or bathroom. Why do people love a duster cloth? Is it good for our health? No, it is really not good. Throw your duster away after reading this article.

As we know, one duster cloth is easy to get in the market, the key point why people like to use the duster clothe is that low price. Most people think the duster cloths cost less but could be use for cleansing more times, yes, the duster cloth is reusable cleansing tool, but people ignore the serious potential health and disease problem. Even though you wash the reusable duster cloth every time after cleansing, you can still not remove or kill the huge amount of bacteria and virus or other microorganism who parasitize in the duster cloth. The microorganism will quickly breed in your duster cloth after the previous cleansing, Obviously, you will spread the microorganism everywhere when you do the next cleansing in your house, what a horrible scene! You can get infected by some bad bacterial and virus. The duster cloth is a big potential healthy problem. Now you can throw your duster cloth immediately.

Is there any better solution for house cleansing except for the duster cloth? Yes, sure. Now you need one bag of disinfectant and antibacterial all purpose cleaning wet wipes. This moist wipes will be a perfect substitution. First, this disinfectant moist wipes could be 99.9% sanitizing in several minutes. The disinfection effect will last for a whole day. All ingredient is natural and chemical free. A reusable opening design that provide you multi times cleansing. It is economic and easy to use. Keep your house clean and healthy, Keep all your things clean. This disinfectant wet wipes could be used for cleaning all kinds of surface, such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, e.t.c You can use this wet wipes for your mobilephone,Ipad,Iphone,Mac,TV,Laptop,Keyboard, mouse,Screen, and your sofa, desk, chair. In a word, you can clean any area you may touch and grabbing, This disinfectant wet wipe will keep you far away from disease and healthy problem. Now you can discard the duster away and contact us to get one moist wipes.

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