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How Precaution and Kill the Super Bacteria MRSA with Disinfecant Wet Wipes?

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How Precaution and Kill the Super Bacteria MRSA with Disinfecant Wet Wipes?


How Precaution and Kill the Super Bacteria MRSA with Disinfecant Wet Wipes?

"Super bacteria" refers to a variety of clinical emergence of drug-resistant bacteria, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), multidrug-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae (MDRSP), multiple Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and carbapenemase Klebsiella pneumoniae (KPC). This super-bacteria can cause sore and poison in the body, and even gradually let Human muscle necrosis. Even more frightening is that antibiotics do not work for it, the patient will cause terrible inflammation because of infection, high fever, cramps, coma until the last death. NDM-1-resistant bacteria, that is, carrying the NDM-1 gene, can encode type I New Delhi metal β-lactamase, which is no longer sensitive to the vast majority of antibiotics (except for tigecycline and polymyxin). Compared with the traditional "super bacteria",its resistance is no longer just for a number of antibiotics with "multiple drug resistance", but the majority of antibiotics are not 
sensitive, which is known as "pan-resistance "(Pan-drug resistance, PDR).  and November 18, 2015, "Lancet Infectious Diseases" magazine published the discovery of polymyxin MCR-1 genotype drug-resistant bacteria, it only produces a certain degree of polymyxin antibiotics Of the resistance, not described here as super bacteria.

In addition to calling on the government to strictly regulate the antibiotics, the individual can really do one thing: when the family 
or their illness, careful and strict use of antibiotics! Doctors if you give antibiotics, it must be clear that the more serious bacterial infection is needed!
MRSA Super Bacteria

What is Drug resistance?

1, Multiple drug resistance: within the scope of antibacterial spectrum of three or more than three types of antimicrobial drugs are not sensitive. In each of the antimicrobial agents recommended for susceptibility testing, at least one insensitive is considered to be resistant to such antimicrobial agents.
2, Extensive resistance: In addition to 1-2 class of antibiotics (mainly refers to polymyxin and tigecycline), almost all types of antimicrobial drugs are not sensitive.
3, All drug resistance: the current clinical application of all categories of antimicrobial drugs are not sensitive to all varieties

The current global situation of polymyxin resistance are more severe. Chinese medical specilist Zhuo Chao said that we are not the only country that found the animal's multi-mucoside-resistant gene. There are 25 countries in Europe, including the Netherlands,France, the United Kingdom, etc. found in animals, meat, the human body are carrying polymyxin resistance Drug 

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan said in a meeting of the European Union on drug resistance in February-2017 that if polymycline fails, we lose the final drug against a range of serious infections. This is a global crisis.
In fact, in recent years, this crisis occurs again and again, the clinicians have found a variety of "super bacteria." (MRE), resistant to vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), multidrug-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae (MDRSP), multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB), and carbapenemase Klebsiella pneumoniae (KPC) and so on. Until the recent emergence of 
polymyxin-resistant bacteria, because polymyxin is ace, so its resistance to bacteria is called "invincible bacteria."
WHO has said that the mortality rate of patients infected with "super bacteria" is about twice that of patients infected with drug-resistant bacteria. Zhuo Chao believes that the current situation of bacterial resistance is very grim, for example, we have 0.5% of the population of polymyxia resistance, once they are sick, the doctor did not have a lot of "weapons" can help overcome the disease.
Super Bacteria and Antibiotics

Be careful! People with low resistance are more afraid of "super bacteria"

Is not a stained super bacteria people no medicine can cure, die no doubt?  "Certainly not the case," Zhuo Chao said, "from the pathogenicity of the super bacteria and ordinary bacteria is the same, but antibiotics on drug-resistant bacteria is invalid, the doctor in the treatment of alternative drugs less treatment more Difficult, such as common broad-spectrum antibiotics, the first commonly used cephalosporins, if resistant to this, you can choose to carbapenem, if carbapenem is also resistant, and finally only polymyxin. China, 7.6% of patients with carbapenem invalid, can only use polymyxin.

In addition, the super bacteria to the human body can not be pathogenic, but also depends on the situation may be, such as polymyxin-resistant bacteria in E. coli, the pathogenicity is not strong, but polymyxin-resistant bacteria From E. coli to pathogenic bacteria on a very strong bacteria, such as running to the bacteria on the bacteria, then caused by respiratory and abdominal infection, treatment is more difficult.
Therefore, the experts are most worried about is that once the bacteria and bacteria with bacteria and bacteria, it is difficult to cure. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from the infection of super bacteria.

The reason of the Super Bacteria formation

1.Many years of the Environmental health and hygienic dead angle.
(Now you need Surface cleaning and disinfectant wet wipes to clean the dirty place carefully)

2.Abuse of antibiotics is the second cause of super bacteria.
Super bacteria and MRSA
The disease caused by germs is no longer a human fatal threat, and every kind of infectious disease is treated with antibiotics Some bacteria were found to contain NDM-1 genes can get a good effect, but this is the thing before the abuse of antibiotics. 50% of the world's antibiotics are abused every year, and some country is even close to 80%. It is because of the abuse of drugs, so that bacteria quickly adapt to the antibiotic environment, a variety of super bacteria have been born. In the past a patient with dozens of units of penicillin can survive, and 
the same condition, and now millions of units of penicillin has no effect.Gene mutation is the root cause of superbacteria production

Gene mutation is the root cause of the production of such bacteria. However, in natural conditions, the mutant bacteria in different microbial survival struggle may not be in a dominant position, easier to be eliminated. The abuse of antibiotics is such a popular line of bacteria today, because of human abuse of antibiotics, making the original balance of the dominant species were eliminated, and this "antibiotic" bacteria grow up to become a dominant species, made a survival The dominant position of the struggle, so as to be able to multiply and spread. In summary, gene mutation is the main reason for the emergence of such bacteria, the abuse of antibiotics on the micro-organisms were selected, leading to the prevalence of super bacteria. So, on the one hand, we are looking for solutions at the same time, we must pay attention to the use of antibiotics and other substances.Symptoms of InfectionBecause different bacterial infections have different symptoms, and super bacteria will not produce new diseases, but no response 
to antibiotics, so for example, the original bacterial infection is what symptoms, when it is converted into super bacteria, it is still 
This symptom is just harder to cure.

Social harm

The disease caused by bacteria is no longer a human fatal threat, every kind of infectious disease with antibiotic treatment can achieve a good effect, but the abuse of antibiotics changed the situation. Approximately 50% of the world's antibiotics are abused every year, and the proportion of China is even close to 80%. It is because of the abuse of drugs, so that bacteria quickly adapt to the antibiotic environment, a variety of super bacteria have been born. Due to infection caused by drug-resistant bacteria, antibiotics can not control, and ultimately lead to death. In the 1960s, the number of people who died of infectious diseases each year around the world was about 7 million, and this figure rose to 20 million at the beginning of this century. The number of people who died of sepsis increased by 89%, and most people died of super bacteria to bring medication difficulties.  
The problem of bacterial resistance has been very serious. In developed countries, 5% to 10% of inpatients have experienced one or more infections. The United States each year hospital infection of about 200 million patients, 9000 people died, economic losses of 4.5 billion to 57 billion US dollars. In developing countries, the risk of nosocomial infection is higher than that of developed countries by 2 to 20 times. China's hospital infection rate of about 6%, but the false negative rate is high, up to 50% or more, the mortality rate is not clear. The main infection sites were lower respiratory tract, urinary tract and surgical incision infection.


1. Rational use of antibiotics, to prevent the abuse of antibiotics, is the most important means to prevent the spread of super bacteria. The rational use of antimicrobial drugs, control or slow down the emergence of bacterial resistance, has reached an urgent point. The public should be careful use of antibiotics, the use of antibiotics to adhere to the "four no" principle: not free to 
buy medicine, not self-medication, not arbitrarily medication, not random withdrawal.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene, especially the correct hand washing, strengthen physical exercise, a reasonable diet, pay attention to rest, improve the body's resistance.   We strongly recommend the Ecoeon Technology's Alcohol free Antibacterial wet wipes to kill germs and guard your hygiene and health.

3. If you go to the hospital to visit patients with VRE infection, should listen to the guidance of the relevant personnel of the hospital, do a good job disinfection, isolation work, to avoid visits due to infection of the disease.

4. Self immunity is the best weapon: Because "super bacteria" is difficult to treat, the best way to deal with it is defense.

Global monitoring
The Associated Press analysis, this super bacteria is terror, but control it is not the way to spread, after all, so far the number of infected patients less. "We may be in the early stages of a new round of antibiotic resistance, and we still have the ability to stop it," said Christopher Thomas, a professor of molecular genetics at the University of Birmingham in the UK. "He believes that good surveillance and disease control programs can prevent super bacteria from spreading The University of Calgary, Canada, microbiology expert John Pete Ott commented on the "Lancet Infectious Diseases," the article on the super bacteria report: "should be used to prevent strict monitoring of multiple drug-resistant bacteria." He suggested that the 
international community to strengthen Monitoring of super bacteria, especially those that promote "medical travel"

Treatment method

Antibiotic therapy
There are two kinds of antibiotics that play a role in "super bacteria", one is polymyxin and the other is tigecycline. But the British health protection bureau drug resistance monitoring laboratory director Livermore said that polymyxin has toxic side effects, and 
tigecycline can only be used for the treatment of some types of bacterial infection, are not suitable for large-scale use.

1.Light and moderate infection: sensitive drugs can be used alone, such as aminoglycosides, quinolones, fosfomycin, etc., can also be combined with drugs, such as aminoglycosides combined with ciprofloxacin, ciprofloxacin combined with fosfomycin The Invalid patients can choose tigecycline, polymyxin.

2. Severe infection: According to the results of drug sensitivity test, select sensitive or relatively sensitive antimicrobial agents, such as tigecycline combined with polymyxin, tigecycline combined with fosfomycin, tigecycline combined with aminoglycosides, carbon Penicillium rare earth combination aminoglycosides, carbapenems combined with polymyxin, quinolones combined with carbapenems and so on. Should be closely observed in patients with treatment response, timely determination of drug sensitivity and clinical response to adjust the treatment program.

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