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Dust Remover Wet Wipes For Phone Screen Film Protector

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Dust Remover Wet Wipes For Phone Screen Film Protector


A Perfect Cleaning Wet Wipe For Smartphone Screen Film Protector


We designed one cleaning wet wipes that specially used for smartphone screen film protector.

As we know,  You need to clean the screen carefully before you put one new screen protector film on it, otherwise there will be bubble under the screen film/glass.    It is hard to clean the screen by common cleaning fabric or paper,  because most of cleaning tools leave the residue after screen cleaning, that is helpless unless there is no any particles, dust point, grease, water stain/stripe. Maybe the cleanroom wipes is good choice,but they are too expensive to clean the phone screen. That is why we produce mini screen cleaning wet wipes.    It is disposable wet wipes,   the fabric is based on the cleanroom non-woven fabric, then the wipe is pre-moistened by our patented solvents and packed by a individually pouch.     The inner wipe size is 6*6 cm or 6*8 cm.  So the phone screen wet wipe will be one cost effective product.

This phone screen wet wipe is perfect choice for common screen cleaning,    for the business about the smartphone, IPAD, laptop screen protector business.

Fast cleaning , leave no residue and stripe on the screen.


We also provide you the private label service for all wet wipes.

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